An agent for NFL draft prospect Michael Sam is denying that a naked photo currently circulating on the web is of his client.

Several websites claim the nude selfie, which reportedly surfaced on the gay social networking app Grindr, is of the openly gay athlete. But Sam’s agent Cameron Weiss tells TMZ Sports simply, “The picture is not Mike.”

Weiss adds, “It could be anyone. There’s no face.”

Cameron says the real Michael Sam is focused on the NFL draft: “Michael has a few weeks to fine tune some things before his Pro Day. He’ll be ready.”

3 thoughts on “Michael Sam Denies Rumored Naked Selfie

  1. tewdeeq on said:

    Sad but true, this selfie could be of anyone with today’s technology always abuse and now will be made open to the public and all to do anything and whatever they will with it.

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