There’s nothing more precious and innocent than a newborn baby. Eva Marcille and Vanessa Simmons are experiencing that first hand as they enjoy new motherhood. The ladies both welcomed their newborns this year and we’re gushing over the mini beauties.

Eva and Vanessa shared photos of the babies on Instagram and we’re totally having baby fever! While we’re not planning on pushing out any babies any time soon, we can certainly appreciate the adorable bundles of joys from a far…

“#perfection 🙏🙌👼,” Eva captioned the precious pic of her and singer, writer Kevin McCall‘s baby girl Marley:

Meanwhile, Vanessa Simmons was in “MommyMode” as she fed her Mike Wayans’ daughter Ava Marie Jean. ” 🍼 #nosleep #nomakeup 🎀,” she wrote:


3 thoughts on “Eva Marcille & Vanessa Simmons Share Photos Of Their Newborns

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    According to the Census Bureau (2013), nearly 75 percent of black children today are born out of wedlock, compared to less than 25 percent in the 1970’s. Shameful.

    • Yet you forget also that in the stats you just quoted the age group is 16-42…wth?? But also look into that number and you will find that 72% of that same group end up marriage compared to 27% of white women! Don’t even get me started on the the divorced rate among white women….really almost 61%?? So to put in terms you can comprehend…white folks may not be born out of wedlock but they sure do end up eventually in that single parent environment. So much about your GOP family values huh!

      Now that’s shameful

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