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Yesterday at the White House I met a 19-year-old young man named James Adams who has a commute unfamiliar to most high school students.

He says when he was in school he woke up every morning put on his vest and coat and went to school.

It wasn’t a fancy, fashionable vest. It was a bullet proof one.

And depending on the day, he’d have to change his route home if he knew gang-bangers were outside.

it is the rough and tumble existence for many young black men like James all over the country where the street life of crime, violence and dropping out of school has become their convenient, and many times, only alternative.

It is one reason that the sentencing project, which tracks crime statistics, found that one in three black men born today can expect to go to prison in their lifetime.

And it is the polar opposite of the black man that is the leader of the free world and resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So, last year the president traveled back to his hometown, to the south side of Chicago, and met with the young men of bam, which stand for becoming a man.

Bam is a wildly successful mentoring program.

The president says he saw himself in the young men when he met with them:

“What I explained to them was I had issues too when I was their age,” he said. “I just had an environment that was a little more forgiving, so when I screwed up, the consequences weren’t as high as when kids on the South Side screw up.”

The president’s Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett says that in that brief interaction the president transformed many of the teens’ lives and touched their hearts as they did his.

Now the president wants to do that all over the country.

so today, with the young men from bam by his side, president Obama will announce the ‘my brother’s keeper’ initiative where leading foundations and businesses will donate at least 200-million dollars over five years to programs like bam nationwide.

It appears to be working for the few hundreds who have been lucky enough to walk through BAMS doors in Chicago.

Let’s hope it works now for millions around the country.

A troubled generation of lives depend on it.

10 thoughts on “The President Takes Initiative with Our Boys’ Future

  1. vaughan1966 on said:

    “A troubled generation”?
    I thought that this generation was supposed to be the more enlightened, progressive, educated, less religious and more tolerant. Why are they now considered a troubled generation according to Don?
    He now cares about the plight of Blacks, when all he was spewing was about gay rights; while casting those who disagree with this repugnant lifestyle as homophobes. I’m assuming he’s referring to Christians here, who do not support homosexuality; as they are the most outspoken about this sin, one that caused God to wipe out a whole city.
    What a joke, this will be yet another failed program that Obama is pouring money in that will not stop the 73% of Black children being born out of wedlock, especially to teenage mother who cannot read or write; it won’t help the lack of education or job skills, and therefore future job prospects for Blacks; it definitely will not decrease Black on Black crime; or Whites killing teenage Black boys, and getting away with it; or stop the crack houses from setting up shop, which seems to be a permanent fixture in crime ridden neighbourhoods in predominately Black areas; or for that matter end racism.
    I guess since Don believes that since the gay rights movement have “won” he can now move on to the real issues facing African Americans. Don is trying to pull a fast one, as he only goes Black occasionally; usually when it suits him. Blacks are the fools for taking this sodomite seriously.
    I guess the White downtrodden homosexuals like Anderson Cooper, Ellen Degeneres, Andrew Sullivan, Daniel Savage, etc. can give a big thank you to people like Don, LZ, Wanda Sykes, Robin Roberts, Lamont Hill, Stanley Crouch, Van Jones, Charles Blow, Jonathan Capehart, Jemele Hill, Michael Smith, Stephen A. Smith, Michael Wilbon, and the Black clowns at MSNBC; for ensuring that African Americans are subdued when the rights of gays are compared with the struggle for Blacks civil rights. What an insult.
    Once Obama and his first lady have endorsed sodomy, anything that he touches will become a pillar of salt, and Blacks will be worse off for it. Once again, African Americans are laughing stock, you got conned. Do you think the White gays are going to now fight for your cause? Hell No. If gay rights have “won”, Blacks have lost – idiots!

  2. Hey Don, why hope it works when we’re in a position to make it work. Black men are at their best when the odds are against us. Every man is not designed for this task of empowering and delivering black males out of systematic slavery. It’s responses and representation like this quote from President Obama that defines the hearts of great men.”What I explained to them was I had issues too when I was their age,” he said. “I just had an environment that was a little more forgiving, so when I screwed up, the consequences weren’t as high as when kids on the South Side screw up.”

  3. Joe Valdez on said:

    I am expecting that that Homo College player will end up playing for the Giants and that he will sleep with Don Lemon and penetrate Don’s anal hole full of Louisiana gumbo crap , and that din will lick all the feces Tom Sam’s penis . Yak Filthy pigs . Obama and his wife will attend their wedding . Obama is destroying America big Big Time

  4. Joe Valdez on said:

    Another typical Obama “all talk no go” initiative just before the midterm elections . It is amazing that after 6 yrs in the Whitehouse he has now all of a sudden discovered that America has Black people . He did everything for Homos and other sexual deviants in order to get money from Hollywood , Blacks don’t have money to contribute , and he always know that they support him no mater what . Obama is an opportunistic serial liar . This initiative will have limited traction until November after the midterm election. Obama is phony .

  5. It is really SAD that we as black people have allowed our homes and communities to become a war zone! It really breaks my heart that we as a people don’t value ourselves. The problem in the black community was caused by us, and until we stand up to it and not allow this crap to take over our homes, this is what generations of folk will have to look forward to! Stop pushing rap music and rap artist as something to aspire to, push education as your only key to getting out of those hell holes we call a community.Until we stand up and take FULL responsibility for the state of black America and be willing to change it, this will be our story for decade’s to come!!!!!

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