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Millions of people have rolled over to Beyoncé‘s VEVO channel to see how she gets down when she rolls up her “Partition”…. and trust us she gets nasty but in a “Ms.  Jackson” kind of way.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video above and let us know if Queen B got a little too risqué for you in the comment section below.

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Beyonce: A Day in the Life
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30 thoughts on “Beyoncé Releases Ultra-Sexy ‘Partition’ Video – Is it Too Sexy? [WATCH]

  1. Obviously she is under the influence of satan and the power of the antichrist. Satan is very real and the United States and particular Hollywood is ruled by that spirit and money is their god. The United States is much like Babylon where any and every form of sin was committed, but was later destroyed. As in Bey’s case what does it profit to gain the world and lose your soul.

  2. Jacqueline Adison on said:

    Honestly,she is free to do what she wants,but she has to remember there are a lot of young girls that look up to her as a role model.However she chooses to make her living is the choice she has to live with and let her conscious be her guide…

  3. kay M on said:

    WOW! Not sure why black people think Beyoncé’s gets a pass when it comes to right or wrong. I was never a Beyoncé fan and always considered her corny. I never liked her style and never thought she had real talent besides bumping and grinding and getting half naked on stage. American society has boosted her career because of her look. My playlist includes Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige, Teena Marie, Ledisi, Erykah Badu, Angie Stone, Corrine Bailey Rae, Tamia, Alicia Keys, Chrisette Michele, Keyshia Cole, Estelle, and more….. I was really taken back when the POTUS had her singing the National Anthem at his second inauguration. There were so many other gifted classy singers that he could have chosen. President Obama and Michelle have two daughters and why do they have Beyoncé and Jay Z as guest on many occasions at the White House. Beyoncé’s music is so “bubble gum” (Freckum Dress) and Jay Z’s lyrics (I like his music) are not appropriate for children. I love and respect my President but parading these two seems very questionable. Beyoncé sold her self-respect to get where she is in the music industry. She, a millionaire, married a millionaire and is now a mother and should be set for the rest of her life. It’s time to slow it down Ma. She doesn’t need to sell her body anymore but Beyoncé is clearly trying to compete with Rihanna and Miley Cyrus (well know sex kittens). I believe it’s a sickness with wanting to stay popular regardless of what it cost. BTW – Selling sex has nothing to do with being sexy.

    • @ Kay M I totally agree, with you, sexy has nothing to do with being butt naked on the stage constantly, yes she does not need to perform anymore she has enough LOOT, to just leave the stage for a couple of years, I never was a bey fan, she has changed a lot since she has married this man called Shawn Carter, who sold drugs in his community , stabbed his manager at his office.
      I have never seen sade, alicia keys or jill scott have to take there clothes off in order to get there lyrics apart, Mary J, Bliege never had to get butt naked, because they are real performers, writers, producers, and have real talent. and if you listen to some of these young women out here that is all they are trying to imitate, it really sad that we are losing are young women to the Kim K, the lady gaga’s And Miley Cyris needs to get another act. we live in a sexual society. and sex sells, and that is what all these women on the stage do now, its really a shame. Its stereo type women like her , make us black woman look like we are these sexually starved women, and that is not true. I grew up on Gladys knight and the pips ,, Areatha Franklin, jackson five Natalie cole, and my mom played the original recording of Billie holiday. earth wind and fire, and The Emotions, they never had to take there clothes off on stage and let us know how and whom they where screwing,, I believe that Michelle Obama got it wrong, she is not a Role model for her girls.

  4. HoneyDare on said:

    Beyoncé can do whatever she wants. After all, she is an adult. And if she’s too adult for you and your youngsters, then don’t watch. I’m a 59 year old woman and wished I would have had the guts to do what I wanted to do at her age. Go Beyoncé. Don’t let these self-righteous people run your life.

    • @honeydare,we are not trying to be righteous and if you are 59 years old why would you just wanna do what you want to do, that is what is wrong with our attitudes today. you can love bey and enjoy her to the fullest but the one thing you have to understand that righteousness has nothing to do with this. Its just not bey , its the Nicki manaj” Miley, Rhianna , Kim K. Lady Gaga who gets high on stage,
      and vomits on stage, what kind of performance or Role model is that? Do you think Michelle obama would feel good if one of her girls Would want to take off there clothes every time they sang a song, and every young woman wants to be like beyonce, are you kidding me. Beyonce once had some kind of Class about herself at one point ,, but that went out the window when she married shawn Carter. you have your opinion and we have ours, but hey enjoy. its your right to enjoy beyonce and follow her as long as you want. but trust and believe it has nothing to do with being righteous..

  5. Love her talent/music but she is debasing herself unnecessarily so. I believe someone is influencing her for the sake of the almighty dollar and she does not need to do videos like this. It’s like a porno video. I hope my grand daughter does not model her behavior.Her performance on the grammy awards was preparation for this video – that was too porno as well.

  6. concerned mother on said:

    Disappointed. I have four daughters and I pray they don’t see her as a role model. I admired her at first, but her latest is way too racy. We need better representation at the White House.

  7. I am so glad we have some intelligent people posting these comments because she is sickening and pathetic and if this is what she is going to keep putting out trash like this then I am no longer a fan of hers.

  8. Bey is an exceptionally talented Artist. I won’t take that away from her. Her live shows are among the best. She brings energy and fire to the stage. I am a true fan. With that being said, Mrs Carter; it is time for you to start acting like Mrs. Carter. There is endless material that you can sing about. It is time for you to put something on your naked ass; and stand up and make a difference for our young people. Young black boys are out her dying everyday. Sing about that young lady. At the end of the day, don’t nobody give a damn about how you are fucking and sucking your husbands dick. Since your mother is not saying anything, I am going to say it: The next time you come, you better be coming correct. You are better then this. You are a mother, act like one.

  9. I’m a man & I wish this hooker would sit down & go away. Not sexy not even pretty I’m a man of substance & this girl has none. Jay Z found him a hard working bottom woman tho. But so did Iceberg Slim, Goldie & the rest of the pimps.

  10. Why is this video news??? If millions of people bought her music on I-tunes when it came out, most have already seen this. Boo… report something else.

  11. Why doesn’t she just try to find some good songs to record instead of trying to push the bad songs by putting out racy videos to distract people from the truth?

  12. Clarissa Edwards on said:

    Her acts of desperation and attention craving are pathetic and sickening and for the record, Bey has way more than just AA fans. I can honestly say that I’ve never purchased anything of hers. Give me Jill Scott, Marcia Ambrosia, and many talented others. Jennifer Hudson in her quest to compete with her, started out full of talent and now she’s attention seeking. I have never been impressed by Bey. Never.

  13. For the LOVE of God, I’ve never been able to see why people, especially black people think this woman has any talent at all. Her whole schtick is to dress scantily, gyrate across the stage and in video’s. How she can even be considered a singer with a mediocre voice like that is beyond comprehension!!! And my God when she speaks, it’s embarrassing, you really can tell she dropped out of school at an early age. Her Parents are at fault for this. She has nooooooo talent at all, except she can bump and grind with the best of the Miley’s, Lady Gaga’s, Nicky Minaj’s and all the other NO talent trash, that Hollywood is selling to the public. The days of Wonderful singer’s such as Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Randy Crawford, Regina Belle, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight and Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are over with. We’re stuck with the likes of this BULL____!!!!

    • retired on said:

      What I can’t understand is, why was these two allowed into the White House? A stripper on stage, stripper attire in the White House wearing a white woman blonde wig, Marilyn Monroe dress with sequin stocking performing for the First Lady birthday instead inviting Anita Baker, Tony Braxton and others?

      • If so many people feel this way, then how is it that her career is so big? It doesn’t make sense!!!!!!

      • Her career is so big retired, because the degradation of women is big business. Always has been. But in today’s society, it’s more acceptable than it used to be.

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