Rapper Big Boi has challenged his estranged wife’s demand for sole custody of their young son by filing for joint physical and legal care, reports TMZ.

The Outkast star’s wife, Sherlita Patton, moved to end their 11-year marriage in October, claiming their union was “irretrievably broken.” She asked to be granted full custody of their son Cross, but now Big Boi is fighting back, insisting the 12-year-old would benefit from spending an equal amount of time with both parents.

Big Boi, real name Antwan Andre Patton, has also responded to Sherlita’s demand for child and spousal support, declaring he is willing to pay whatever Georgia officials deem appropriate.

However, in his legal papers, the rapper has also suggested his ex make use of her good health and education and get a job so she won’t have to rely on his money alone.

Cross is the former couple’s only minor child; the Pattons are also parents to 18-year-old daughter Jordan.

2 thoughts on “Outkast’s Big Boi Files for Joint Custody of 12-Year-Old Son

  1. Timekeeper on said:

    I am glad to hear yo say that Keisha, excellent point. . Too often these issues run across gender lines and they should not. At 12 years old, I am certain he needs his father like so many otrher young brown boys.

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