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Floyd Taylor, the son of the late blues and soul legend Johnnie Taylor has died at the age of sixty-years-old, according to a family friend.

Taylor, a Blues singer, had recently been touring with other musical acts across the country. His next show was slated for March 15, 2014 in Merrillville, Indiana at the Town Blues Festival.

The Taylor family has not officially commented on his death.

Story still developing..

In the meantime, check out a performance of Floyd singing with his father Johnnie back in the day above.

47 thoughts on “REPORT: Floyd Taylor, the Son of Johnnie Taylor, Dead at Age 60

  1. Cleve Haynes on said:

    sHOCKED AND stunned at this news. I was a major fan of his father and he reminded me of him in so many ways. Nay he rest in peace. Cleve haynes, Ft. washington, MD

  2. Ada Clay on said:

    I am so sorry to hear of Floyd Taylor passing. I was looking forward to the blues concert in Detroit hoping he would sing his father’s soul heaven and some of JTs number 1 hits. May he rest in peace. Earth loss is heavens gain, he’s now with our Lord. Nothing but love for the Taylor family.

  3. Helena on said:

    I was so sorry to have heard about the passing of another talented singer who happen to be the late Great Johnnie Taylor son. May God be with the family through their sorrow What A Voice when i first heard him I thought like so many others that it was Johnnie Taylor.

  4. Shocking and sad News. I know Johnnie was great but Floyd really, to me, had his father’s amazing voice and talent. It was almost like having Johnnie back. Traveled to Chicago especially to see Floyd Taylor perform at the Chicago Blues Fest. Condolences to the family and all Floyd’s fans. God Bless!

  5. I was a teenager when I first heard your dads (Little Johnny Taylor) voice and loved it. I have every song he ever sang. Lots of pictures of him. Then saw you in Kansas City and have the voice too, you signed my CD and T shirt. Lord knows my heart is heavy once again. Prayer to the Taylor family and much love.

  6. I was at the show in Dallas at the Longhorn Ballroom when That video was recorded. Floyd Taylor was nowhere around. Johnnie didn’t even deal with Floyd like that. Thios is a video of two seperate shows. I was actually on stage.

  7. soni james/ southern soul blues entertainer on said:

    Goodnight Floyd Taylor the Stage is closed. And when you get there tell Pete hi. Please Remember just some of his friend’s as well as his dad’s. Reggie P. Marvin Sease, Quinn Golden, Tyrone Davis little Melton just to name a few. May God Bless You All The Family. Just like his daddy

  8. Tonya Bryant on said:

    Thanks Floyd Taylor for letting me (Na-Na) and (Paul) take a
    picture with you at the last Blues Fest. in Dallas Texas.
    We enjoyed you singing your Daddy Records, it was like your
    Dad was still here. That was so awesome. You did a terrific job
    keeping his Legacy going. You will be very much miss by Dallas, Texas.

  9. God only know how shocked i was to hear my first and oldest cousin passed away u will b missed in many ways from us growing up to man hood as much as i hate to c u leave us god called home i cant believe im.not gonna hear ur voice singing and cracking jokes just as ur singing career was coming up higher god called u floyd im.gonna miss u so dam.much . C u in god land when he call me home

  10. soni james/ southern soul blues entertainer on said:

    Rest in peace ( Floyd Taylor ) you made your daddy proud even though you had to live in the shadow of johnny that wasn’t a bad deal. It worked out for you it wasn’t so hard for you to get a record deal. But god had a bigger plan somebody in soul heaven was off key so he needed .

  11. Deepest sympathy and condolences to the family, this was heartbreaking news,a sudden loss, he will be missed!!! I got a chance to see him perform in Stl 2013, a great show, i will never forget, Prayers to entire Taylor family at this difficult time.

  12. Vera Beckwith on said:

    Sorry about the loss of Floyd, had a chance to see his dad in St. Louis once, but our prayers are with the remaining family members during their hours of bereavement



  14. Doug Lanbert on said:

    Floyd, it was a pleasure being a part of your last album project. Did not think it would be your last one here. RIP, my brother! Your music will live on.

  15. I am so saddened & butterflies still in my stomach from a voicemail I received regarding Floyd’s passing. I have been a friend of the Taylor family for over 40 years & my heart goes out to his mother, siblings & the entire family. May God comfort you during this time. Blessed to have seen him, Tasha & Jonathan in concert at Hollywood Park Casino last year. On to Soul Heaven!

  16. We shall miss you my brother as yov call me big sis We enjoyed your time with us the nieces and nephew especially This has been a hard grief year for us We know call us when its our time Prayers for my family and yours especially my sister Glad dad met you my sister alson When you get there hug them for us and others there you sent time with Love Big Sis Val Taylor Holmes RIP My Brother and Friend

  17. FUNKY TOWN TX. on said:

    My condolences to the Taylor Family.So sad to hear of this..once again another talent man gone but his music will go on the concert want be the same with him in March….”FUNKY-TOWN FT WORTH LOVE YOU AND YOUR FATHER!!!”

  18. Kevin Henderson on said:

    Gone but The music will ALWAYS live on. Thanks for the great music Floyd. Now you, pops, Marvin, Tyrone, and others go play them blues in heaven. RIP

  19. Gareth Davies on said:

    Shocked to hear this news. Was he ill leading up? Sorry but can’t agree with view that Floyd was in same league as his father no matter how good he may have been. That said its doubly hard for next generation guy following in the footsteps of a genuine legend who possessed immense natural talent and commanded enormous respect. Its hard to escape the inevitable comparisons–my opinion for what it’s worth! Bless his family and be sure all true soul/blues fans here in the UK send our condolences. RIP Floyd (and Johnnie)

  20. Doris Noah on said:

    It will b a sad day because many of us love ur music and ur father’s music. I still listen to all of the late Taylor’s music. Ur music will never die. My sympathizes goes out to the Taylor family

  21. U r my heart floyd and your father also, my h
    whole family loved your smooth and Jazzy blues u will be missed sooo much from the bottom o f my heart! Wow! My favorite “fantasy lady”, part time lover” I will always miss and love us! Just one of your greatest fans!

  22. Johnny Taylor was a dear friend and I still miss him today. I especially miss hearing his beautiful voice. You haven’t heard beauty until you’ve heard him sing acapella, with no instruments. I’ll never forget him. I hope that he was there to greet Floyd with that trademark one-thousand watt smile and a soulful tune. RIP Floyd. You will be missed.

  23. Patrice Johnson-Perkins on said:

    Floyd…You will be truly missed. A life taken far too soon. We are mourning with the rest of the family. Special prayers to my cousins, give them strength in this unexpected loss. God Bless!

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