Le sigh.

As much as we love Toni Braxton, we have to admit that her latest comments about her divorce being “very Caucasian” was downright ridiculous, silly and irresponsible. Toni revealed divorce details to Frankel (the same woman who Omarosa blasted for being a “mediocre” White woman) saying that they were “very Caucasian, very White about” how they handled their broken marriage.

Bethenny questioned what exactly Toni meant by “White about it” and Toni implied that Blacks do not have civil divorces. “That means like ‘I hate you Jodi, I hate you Jodi,” referencing the famous line from the John Singleton film “Baby Boy.”

“I have a very Black divorce,” Bethenny chimed in. This isn’t the first time Toni Braxton has made inappropriate comments about the Black race (her race) before. There was the time she told Chelsea Handler, another White host, that White and Black people’s skin feel different. “The skin feels different, that’s kind of nice. It smells different… Is that in my head? I can’t explain it.”

What do you think? Was Toni being racist?


6 thoughts on “Toni Braxton Tells Bethenny About Her Divorce: We Were ‘Very White About It’

  1. i love toni braxton she is a great singer and i love her music and she is very beautiful but sometimes i think its hard for her to honest and open up about certain things especially her marriage to keri lewis but divorce is divorce honey there is not black or white about it its about being honest about it so that you can get over the hurt and the pain and just move on. i wish toni all the best in her life she has been through so much with her career and her health and i just want her to be okay and get herself together i also hope that she can get her finances together and keep them together.

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