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02/20/14- Today’s “Thursday Morning Mom” is Tiffany Brown!

Dear Tom,

My mother inspires my siblings and me to keep pushing forward and to never give up no matter what. I’m 18 in college, but when she was MY AGE; she had her own apartment and her first car while going to school.

I have seen her go through all the wild struggles of life that many wouldn’t even think is possible. Like when Her father passed away 10 years ago – then, a month later, when my father was killed in a car accident.

The fact that the father of 2 of my siblings not helping doesn’t help but I know It has been really hard for her raising us one her own – but she stood tall after crying over tragedies & heartbreaks.

She went and got her Certification to be a c.n.a. and also went to get a cosmetology license. right now, she is taking classes that helps small business owners get started. She is halfway through and will complete the program in July and she plans on opening her own salon.

A year and a half ago, my mother brought her first house. she said she always wanted us to have a place to call home. It’s a cute little house…but with all the melting snow, we found a leak in the basement.

My brother shoveled some snow the other day and I work a retail job and we are taking her out for her 36th birthday on Sunday so we are taking her out for sushi. I think making her a Thursday Morning  Mom would make her weekend EXTRA special!