Days after a jury declared a mistrial on the first degree murder  charge of killing Jordan Davis, Michael Dunn’s issues start to surface.

The UK Daily Mail reports that Dunn allegedly forced his ex-wife to join swingers clubs and sleep with random men for his enjoyment.

In addition, Dunn spent his time in jail allegedly ranting against blacks and Hispanics, and even suggested that more people should arm themselves and kill them. All this while awaiting the verdict for his part in the suspected crime.

To further pile it on, the Daily Mail stated that Dunn aired out his feelings in a letter sent from jail to his daughter that if more were killed they might change their ‘thuggish’ behavior.

The discovery of Dunn’s issues come after the claims were made public following his acquittal after members of the jury admitted to not being able to agree on the first-degree murder charge Dunn faced for killing Davis.

Dunn’s acquittal, which occurred Sunday, has since sparked reaction among those who are upset with the outcome of the trial.

Davis, 17, was shot dead after Dunn confronted him at a gas station in Jacksonville, Fla. in November 2012. Dunn, who was angered by the loud rap music playing from the car Davis was in, approached the vehicle and told the people in the car to lower the volume. Dunn has maintained that he fired 10 shots in self-defense, saying he was threatened and fearing for his life. According to reports, Davis was unarmed and no gun was ever found in his SUV.

Despite the potential impact on the case, the newly revealed claims on Dunn were ruled inadmissible by the trial judge

The 12 jurors in the case deliberated for 30 hours before finding the 47-year-old Dunn guilty of three counts of second-degree attempted murder and one count of shooting into an occupied car. A mistrial was declared on the most serious count of first-degree murder.

8 thoughts on “REPORT: Michael Dunn’s Ex-Wife Allegedly Forced to Sleep With Other Men

  1. White folks aren’t the only nasty 1’s cuz Black folks swing 2! There are many Black folks who r members of those swing clubs! There’s even a reality show about it on TLC!

  2. It’s great that so many revelations are coming out on this horrible guy. By the time he’s re-tried, ANY potential jury pool member will have knowledge of the real Michael Dunn. LIARS like he & George Zimmerman are total phonies in court. “Aah, I’m this innocent guy in fear of my life”. The fact is that YOUR life was NEVER in jeopardy. All that you needed to do was “mind your damn business”. The world now knows that he says stuff like “more Blacks should be killed, etc.”. He will be walking into court the next time with a totally different persona. Those kids had the right to listen to their music. The world doesn’t revolve around him & no one has to conform to his liking. He’s going to have a rude awakening in prison. Those “Blacks & Hispanics” that he wrote about HATING so much are the very ones that “run” the joint. He thinks that since he’s White, others must “bow down”. John Gotti tried that and some Black dude beat the living hell out of him in prison. Like I said, he WILL have a “rude awakening” in prison. CHILD KILLERS are at the bottom of the totem pole (very much despised).

  3. 60 years in prison. Why is a White man willing to trade the rest of his life to even attempt to kill a Black man?? Perhaps that should be the national dialogue……about this minority of folks that want things in the dark ages??

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