TV impresario Mark Burnett has brought you reality shows like Survivor, Shark Tank and The Voice but many viewers of those shows might not know that he is also behind the Bible. Well, not the actual Good Book, but The Bible miniseries that aired on The History Channel last year. He and his wife, actress Roma Downey of Touched By an Angel fame, have combined their faith with their established careers in entertainment to create somewhat of a religious franchise on TV. One hundred viewers later, it seems to be working. In their latest project, Son Of God opening February 27th,  the story of Jesus is told on the big screen.

The couple told the Tom Joyner Morning Show how they felt about bringing the film to life.

TOM JOYNER: I’m told the you eliminated Satan in this movie because in The Bible people said he looked like our President.

MARK BURNETT: We were very upset that the press said that. My wife put Satan on the cutting room floor.

ROMA DOWNEY: This is a movie about Jesus. This is not a movie about Satan. I didn’t want to give Satan any more airtime. So with great pleasure, I cut the Devil out and put him on the cutting room floor. Get you behind me, Satan. SYBIL WILKES: The actor who played Jesus is really fine. He’s gorgeous. He’s a really lovely, good-looking charismatic, beautiful actor from Portugal. His name is Diogo Morgodo. When we were looking to cast thea actor, we were looking for someone who could portray Jesus strength and his compassion and kindness. We got an actor who could be a lion and a lamb and we got both in Diogo.

SYBIL WILKES: You play Mary in the film.

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6 thoughts on “Jesus Walks: New Movie ‘Son Of God’ Puts Christ On the Big Screen

  1. It is amazing how this story keeps spinning, because when you confront them about the color of the messiah, they always say,”It doesn’t matter, it’s what is your heart.” My question is if Moses, Aaron and Miriam (Notice in the King James they didn’t change her name to lose her color) got into a conversation about who talks with the Almighty. Which one is the Leper(leprous) if they look like the Jews of today who live in the land of Israel, which one can put his or her hand in there bosom and it is to change back to the natural color? I was talking with a friend and he mentioned how nice and sweet white women are and he wanted to marry one. Because he didn’t want the headache that the sisters bring with them. I told him that he was right, it a lot of black men getting with white women because they have great attitudes. Then I told him that if a white woman was in the garden, SIN would not be in this world, no you had some sister like Nene running around bossing Adam all over that garden. Did you know that her real name is Chavah, sounds black to me.

  2. Mr Soul on said:

    Still showing Jesus as a white man this lie had been playing out for over a 1000 years . Making black folk think that everything white is good. Wake up my People our God Jesus was as black as the shoes i have on and that a beautiful color . The sad part about this is white folk know this . But will keep going the see the big lie.

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  4. I cant wait to not see another historically inaccurate portrayal of Jesus life. Read the Book of the coming forth by day and by night and you will see the original Bible. Research Akenahten and you will see many of the biblical concepts.

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