JACKSONVILLE, FL — Circuit Judge Russell Healey announced today that the jury in the murder trial for Michael David Dunn has reached a verdict on four of the five counts against him.

After nearly 30 hours of jury deliberations jurors said they could not reach a unanimous verdict on Count 1, first-degree murder, or any of the lesser offenses related to it. The judge brought the jurors into the courtroom and asked them to try again to reach a decision.

Dunn shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis in November of 2012 over a confrontation about loud rap music.

“We’ll be in recess until we hear something more from the jury,” Healey said.

Dunn faces charges of first-degree murder, three counts of first-degree attempted murder, and one count of shooting or throwing a deadly missile. Jurors can consider lesser charges of second-degree murder, manslaughter, second-degree attempted murder and attempted manslaughter.

(photo AP)

40 thoughts on “Jordan Davis Case Update: Jurors Reach Verdict on 4 of 5 Counts

  1. R. Denise on said:

    Reports of the trial indicate that Dunn didn’t report the crime immediately and went back to his ‘normal’ life. He fired at the teenagers car as it was driving away and couldn’t possibly have been a threat to Dunn.

    But Assistant State Attorney Erin Wolfson said Wednesday that Dunn’s claims don’t add up.
    She noted that Dunn fired 10 shots at the SUV, three of them while the car was fleeing.
    He never took cover — but instead opened his car door — even though he would later tell detectives he had seen a weapon, she said.
    “There was no gun,” Wolfson told jurors.
    In addition, she said, he did not tell his fiancee, Rhonda Rouer, that he had seen a weapon until more than a month later.
    Dunn also left the scene of the shooting, went back to a hotel where they were staying and walked his dog, she said.
    And he returned the next day to his house — more than two hours away — all without calling 911, Wolfson said.

    • JanCorey on said:

      R., it’s not Dunn’s responsibility to report the crime the kids caused, the police would have been alerted by coming onto the scene that the teens had caused. I am just glad that at least one learned his lesson not to threaten the life of others.

  2. JanCorey on said:

    The good thing with the death of Jordan is that he will no longer threaten the life of any more victims. Praise the Lord! Thank you God.

  3. Let me explain how this piece of crap got off of a First Degree Murder rap. In America it is easy for a black person to be charged with first degree murder of a white person, it just is. For a white person to be charged with first degree murder of a black person, the system is going to make you prove premeditation. I am sorry to say that is not provable in this case. Premeditation means that this jerk, must have gotten out of his car and planned to kill this young man exclusively, you can’t prove that. What we have to stop doing is letting the system trick us into seeking first degree murder charges, and go with the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter with special dispensation or circumstances. In other words this charge would carry a lesser time but with special dispensation or circumstances time could be increased to fit the fact that the individual meant to kill someone, implicitly. We have to stop wanting the complete package, because how long must we continue to do this before we see that there are two books being used, we have to use the tools we have at our disposal to seek justice, and if that means putting a person in prison for 25 years without parole rather than for life then so be it, this person would have to at least served some time. I use as an example, How he was easily found guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder, because they only had to prove that by him discharging his gun into the vehicle the implied motive was to murder those in the vehicle who were of no threat to him.

      • Hello JanCorey,

        You are either uninformed about the stand your ground law or your are indeed a TROLL. So, I am going to assume you are just uninformed about the law. First of all the stand your ground law is not a self defense based law. It is a preemptive strike law. Stand your ground indicates that if you feel threatened you do not have to retreat or seek cover, you can end the event through a preemptive strike, that is why one guy is dead for throwing popcorn. The problem is to call this self defense is misleading, but you are free to do so, just as I am fee to challenge you on your rendition of what you misguidedly call self-defense. I am not going to get into a pit match with you, because I do believe that you know the difference between the using the stand your ground defense and self-defense stance. All I can say that as a country, we are going to fall because all an enemy has to do is create a condition of finger pointing and blame gaming and people like you are off and running. So sad too bad I know it sucks to be you.

      • JanCorey on said:

        I agree with you Henry that you are a troll, and the facts of the case warrant an acquittal.

  4. Matthew on said:

    First off, yes, we all have a choice. Second, just no, you do not have a valid argument, based on your use of slanderous obscenity. When we argue a matter of equality it is best to argue using terminology that is uplifting and overall resolves issues. This is not a website for you to troll with your hate filled existence. Thank you for bringing your logic to the table, please revise your argument to meet the needs of the times.

    The 21st century.

  5. There was no reasonable doubt about him getting out of the car. The coroner stated that he was inside the car when was shot.
    If the young had a gun don’t while he was shooting 10 shots they natural tried to defend themselves if they had a gun!

    • The coroner is an expert at determining the cause of death, they are not a ballistics expert. They purposely did not bring a ballistics expert to trial because the trajectory of 1 of the bullets made it impossible to be sitting in the seat. It entered at a downward angle. Only possible if Davis was out of the vehicle. REASONABLE DOUBT, not guilt of 1st degree.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Carol, all the kids likely had a weapon on then at the time of their threats and likely dumped them all when they drove off off. An Acquittal is the only true choice in this case and prosecution of each parent of those kids also for endangering our community.

  6. Elizabeth on said:

    jancorey it sounds as to u it’s okay to shoot and killed innocent black kids, what if was the other way around, what would u say, i hope u don’t have kids of ur own,GOD created us in HIS own image, and all of us bleed the same colour blood, and one day all of us will be going in the same size grave.

  7. Gloria Smith-Matthews on said:

    It should be clear to all that white people feel they still own Black people as their slaves and can commit any crime against them, including murder and nothing will be done about it. If it were not true, they would not continue to break the law. We are in the era of The New Jim Crowe. Except that is SEPERATE BUT UNEQUAL; NOT SEPT RATE BUT EQUAL. IN THUS UNITED STATES EQUALITY DOES NOT EXIST.

  8. T Houston on said:

    I’m confused. ..wasn’t he at a public gas station where he would have been for about 10-15 minutes max? Where he could have easily driven AWAY from this situation without even saying a word? Where if the music had been a different genre he MOST LIKELY had driven away. He didn’t even call it in until the next day! WHAT ARE YOU HUNG ABOUT?

  9. Jordan Mom on said:

    To the Michael Dunn’s of this world I would hate for you murder my son and have no remorse . ….I’m a mother of a son name Jordan you may go order Pizza and feel if you were justified in killing him but my promise to you is you will never have a good night sleep you will be a target of the enemy I was train to shoot over 20 years ago. Real Talk

  10. Mike Harden on said:

    Wow, this is so out rages , Alright let’s just look at the fact that , a Grown man, shot a young 17 old child, and they can’t come to a decision. America what are we saying to ourselves, other people, and other countries . Do we have any kind of justice system??

  11. Geraldine Penn on said:

    If they let Dunn get away with it like Zimmermann…..we are only going backwards. Sooner or later they will be going back to lynching blacks without a problem!

  12. Andre williams on said:

    Here is a sad fact. If he had killed a dog he would have received the death penalty in less than an hour. So shameful. A black live has no value in this country because we allow it.

    • Gloria Smith-Matthews on said:

      All I can say is that if Dunn was Michael Vick and Jordan was a dog, Dunn would have been found guilty of all counts immediately by the judge and jury. Do not stop, don’t do anything but go straight to jail.

  13. It’s dumbfounding this isn’t a slam dunk. This guy let paranoia rule his senses. Having said that, white America is conditioned today to be very afraid of young black men/kids because of how they are portrayed in the media/news. It’s akin to a Pavlovian response; we see/are confronted with this situation we are literally afraid for our lives/safety. Until that changes, meaning the news and jails aren’t filled with violent blacks, nothing will change.

  14. They allow this to go without a decision (which should be a 1st degree murder conviction) and it clearly announces that the lives of young black men have no value in Florida! ! Reminds me of the non-value it had during slavery! Then they complain and jail peoplefof color for reacting “negatively” to this blatant lack of justice!

    • What’s sad about all of this is God needs us to be about Him and this mess will stop. It take all of us to be on the same page called love. Listen to the Divine Divas Ministries live every Sunday morning at 11-noon pst for your blessings and a New Beginnings, on my Radio Show, KLAY 1180.com. Hosted by me, Doris Hughes-Green, the Divine Diva!

  15. Janelle on said:

    He is so guilty! & this is crazy they can’t see it for what it is! We all know that if it had been a black man, within a hour they would have renderd a GUILTY VERDICT without thinking about it

    • JanCorey on said:

      I agree, I think all those punk-kids are guilty. They would have shot back if they had any bullets left from the last crime they did but forgot how a gun actually works. Why only one of those punks were hit or shot at is beyond me, they certainly are guilty of starting that confrontation.

      • Hatedirtypigslikeyou on said:


      • JanCorey on said:

        Thank you so very much for proving my points about uninformed and racist people like yourself. Thanks again and don’t allow the facts to continue to scare you so much.

  16. JanCorey on said:

    I think was is fascinating in this case is that Dunn only fired about ten shots at his threateners, I think I would have done a whole lot more damage in protecting my and others lives.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Yes, he is guilty of defending himself from the threats he received from those punks, too bad he didn’t shot more of them.

      • JanCorey on said:

        The kids threats to kill Dunn. I know if it had been me, there would likely have been a whole lot more damage after he threatened Dunn’s life.

      • the Timekeeper on said:

        Excellent point Tyrone. Kimberly and others need to be aware of JanCorey and a few others who have made there way to this site in the past year. The right wing, Tea Party, Koch Brother, extrimists actually pay individuals like him to come on this site and incite racst hate and languge oe the sole purpose of causing dissension, indiffference, political and social bigotry. JanCorey only stareted oming on this site right after the George Zimmerman verdct. It is only issues of race when he comes on and posts these ateful responses and bigoted comments. Please ignore and disregard his posts. He isnt here foran objective discussion, but merely to extend a hidden ( not so hidden) agenda that members of an extreme group have to distort issues of race in this country

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