According to Eben Gregory it is getting even uglier for NBA mega star Dwayne Wade as his ex-wife is bringing the fire to the Miami Heat player in new court docs that claim Wade severely beat her and also gave her an STD.

Siovaughn Wade alleges that the abuse began soon after they got married on May 18th, 2002. She speaks of many intense instances of alleged physical abuse in the court documents, some of which she claims left her hospitalized for days on end. Take a look at what she says happened below!

“I had known that Dwyane Wade had a temper and could become violent at times, but when we moved out of my mother’s home … into our own apartment with our infant son, the violence increased. This, however, was just the surface of the domestic violence Dwayne Wade would inflict upon me. As Dwyane Wade’s income increased, his arrogance and pride increased as well.

Dwyane Wade began to call me derogatory names more, threw things at me, hit me, take all my money from me, and even kicked me out of the house causing me not to have a place to live. … As a means of controlling me, and as part of Dwyane Wade’s domestic violence pattern, he would often hit me, lock me in rooms and not allow me out, threaten to take my sons from me and frighten me by telling me he knows judges and that they are on his pay roll and he can take the children from me at any time he wanted. The domestic violence and abuse continued on for several years in our family.

I tried to leave Dwyane Wade, but when I did, he made sure I did not have access to my own home and he cut off all my bankcards and denied me access to any money. This exerting of power and control has continued to this day.”

Siovaughn even claims that at one point Dwyane beat her with a marble garbage can and performed a body slam on her worthy of a WWF title fight saying,

“He picked up a garbage can made of marble stone and threw it at me. Dwyane Wade picked me up into the air above his head and slammed me down onto a large ottoman with such force that the ottoman broke into pieces when he slammed my body on it and banged my head against a marble bathroom floor.”

She eventually spoke about how she contracted an STD, from Wade which was how she found out that he had been cheating on her. Dwyane filed for divorce shortly after this alleged discovery on May 27th, 2008, and they’ve been locked in a nasty legal battle ever since.

Okay…this is all very…just…WOW! So we have one question about everything then…if this man did all of this to her…and she wanted to get away from it…then shouldn’t Gabbie Union be getting a dozen roses and a box of chocolates from her on Valentine’s Day?

Girl look…if D Wade really is the kind of tyrannical bastard that you make him out to be…then you can go live your life and get yourself a guy who knows how to keep his hands to himself…right?

So do that then. Why would you want to stay locked in a situation with a man who is that mean and cruel to you? According to you he is NO GOOD…so you should just move on and away from the situation. You don’t need his money to survive. Shoot if he’s as bad as you say…then isn’t doing all of this trash talking publicly etc just going to create more stress and strife in your life? The best revenge is being happy.  But the only way to do that doll…is to just live your own life…and be happy.


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3 thoughts on “Dwayne Wade’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him Of Abuse And STD’s In New Court Drama

  1. Skyhook I understand your position on leaving and being happy. But no one can tell someone to leave well enough alone but that person. When you have had enough you have had enough and you will move on. Now as far as Gabbie she is totally different than D Wade ex wife, plus everyone forgot how Gabbie was suppose to have been abused in previous relationships. Even by her ex husband…so maybe she is attracted to abuse herself. The roles she play on tv is fictional we do not know what goes on behind close doors. D Wade will continue to do him until he is ready to stop and until he let the boy in him grow up we can only pray that the women involved in any situation such as this get help spiritually and mentally. We as women should not look at these women as stalkers, naive, or b$#%@ we should be there for assistance, you will never know when any of us will be in a situation as this especially with kids.

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