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02/12/14- Rumors are swirling that Bobbi Kristina Brown is being mentored by Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson to become a singing superstar…well, Dominique says don’t do it Bobbi!

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11 thoughts on “DOMINIQUE Wants Bobbi Kristina to STAY AWAY from Microphones!

  1. I totally agree with you Deb. We don’t understand how powerful our words are. We as black people need to stop this crap. That’s why we can’t go anywhere as people because we have a crab mentality. I bet you don’t hear these Europeans/White ppl calling out their ppl and saying, hey; you ain’t no Barbara Streisand and you shouldn’t be singing. Or Lord Jesus, she can’t sing. No you don’t because they stick up for their people if they’re wrong or right. It’s us that continue to tear each other down and y’all should be ashamed..

  2. This is black on black crime at it’s best. This is the reason why we can’t get anywhere as a people. Why in the hell would you take the time to shoot her down instead of lifting her up?? Be careful with your words, because they are coming back your way. Stay black Sista!!!

    • You need to tell the truth with your words and get your facts straight..BOBBI KRISTINI is NOT a kid and she CANNOT sing. That’s the TRUTH! all that other bullsh&& you’re talking is not relevant.

  3. Again, why should we kill a kids dream. I think it’s a way to say everything. She’s been through a lot. I think we are loosing what’s important here. I’m a firm believer on if you work hard and sacrifice, you can do anything you put your mind to. I just feel like ppl crucify her just because of her mom. She’s a kid! Let her live her life and maneuver through her experiences. I don’t think you all would want someone to tell your kids that you don’t need to go to school/college because you’re not smart enough. Again, we should lift each other up. 🙏

  4. BlackBeauty on said:

    Sorry, I agree with DOMINIQUE.

    Bobbie Kristina has no talent and especially no voice. No amount of training is going to change that. He voice is raspy/horse and will not sell.

    Just because your parent were singers is no reason for some of these kids to feel that they can sing

    The celebrities need to stop telling this girl that she can sing, or that she has talent because she is Whitney’s daughter! They are not helping her..

    The best thing BK can do for herself is to get an education!

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  6. Dominque,
    This is a child that has had a rough two years. Instead of bashing her on the radio, we should be lifting her up. However, we are so caught up into tearing people down. Before you got on the radio show, I’m sure you had to get formal training, correct? That’s no different from a singer. Her mom didn’t go straight into singing, she had to be groomed. Yesterday was the anniversary of her moms death and instead of tearing her down, you should have sent prayers to her and stop worrying about things that don’t matter. This young lady just lost her mom. The society that we live in is all about negativity and that’s what you respresented. Why should we keep someone from pursuing their dreams? She’s a kid. You shouldn’t tell someone that they can’t do anything. Stop getting caught up in the media hooplah and start building up our people. If we praised and spoke more positive about our people then we would have more positive results. Shame on you but everybody wants to get a laugh. However, we must rember that we must answer for everything we do and those aren’t my words. Those are the Lords.

    • Holly, shut the Hell Up!!! For some reason we stop telling the truth! Bobbi Kristin is NOT a kid…she’s a GROWN woman doing GROWN ass things; AND she CANNOT sing! That’s the TRUTH!!

      • Jean
        Let’s stop being ignorant. Did I curse you? No I did not. See us as black ppl can’t even have a debate without being ignorant and unruly. I respect your opinion so respect mine. I think us as people need to treat ppl how they would like to be treated. I have one question for you Jean. What if Bobbi Kris was your daughter, how would you feel when it’s her dream to sing and others are crucifying her. I bet you would take up for yours. See we want to get crazy when the shoe is on the other foot.. I’ll pray that the light bulb finally goes off for you Jean. 🙏 praying for you.

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