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Why is no one blaming NeNe Leakes for the madness on the last episode of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta“? Listen to Britt’s Ratchet Reality Review to hear the ratchetness that went down and why NeNe is to blame.

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5 thoughts on “Is NeNe Leakes The One To Blame For The RHOA Brawl? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Barbara on said:

    NeNe is the instigator by opening up with those hostile questions. It was a setup for Kandi and she handled it just right. She neither Todd never bothers anyone,yet the others are always in their business. Kandi and Phaedra are down to earth and real. The only true millioinaire is Kandi, and she
    would never say things like “these girls are not on my level.,” per NeNe. She is so mean.

    • Barbara, In Order To Know What IS, one MUST Know What WAS”, in words to say, the brawl was caused by “he say, she say” traced to Kenya Moore’s “common-law-wife” comments prior to the brawl.

  2. GWTH fab on said:

    Nene instigated the entire event, if was supposed to be “pillow talk” Why was she behaving like she was on drugs, (not drunk) Christopher stood up first, and before ask his pillow talk question, address Kenya. Kenya stood up and walked over, she would not have hit that girl. As crazy as you think Kenya is she has never instigated a physical fight. The only reason, everyone has selective memory is because their afraid of being on Nene bad side. What escalated was not Kenya fought, and if there has to be a main source it is indeed Nene.

  3. No, NeNe is not the source of the conflict, if Kenya had kept her butt on her pillow we would not be be having this discussion. Kenya is forever talking %$#* and never takes responsiblity for her actions.

  4. Kenya Moore is the SOURCE of the brawl PRIOR to the brawl by initiating the “common-law-wife” issue…..she should have left well-enough-alone.

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