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“Fresh Prince of Bel Air” star Janet Hubert wanted her SAG-AFTRA insurance company to cover her treatments for “intense spasms,” and “intense pain” – and when they didn’t she sued.

Well the insurance company has fired back in a blistering counter-attack, labeling her treatments as “excessive” and “medically unnecessary,” and requesting that a judge throw out the entire lawsuit.

According to, Aunt Viv sued her insurance company, Health Fund, over allegations they refused to pay for dozens of “trigger point injections” into her muscles. According to court records, she deemed the treatments “helped to reduce pain and other symptoms tremendously,” and were the only way that she could function, let alone work.

But the insurers insist that while up to 16 treatments per year would have been sufficient, Hubert received 56 between April 2009 and November 2011.

According to court records obtained by Radar, the Health Fund spoke to her physicians, two independent external medical providers and other experts found that the treatments “were not effective or medically necessary,” and that Hubert actually had not reported even a 50% improvement after receiving the shots.

The documents insist, “Patient should have been receiving other treatments that would be more effective for her condition, rather than continuing with [trigger point injections], which were apparently not providing adequate relief.”

As such, they claim, “The Trustees’ decision to deny benefits in this case was reasonable and supported by considerable medical evidence.”

Hubert claims she has been suffering from “intense spasms” and a “strange chattering” in her jaw, which have prevented her from working.

She told Radar, “There is a lot going on, health-wise. I have had a lot of issues over the years, but I’d like my benefits back. That’s all. They’ve sort of denied me some very very important medical things that I need to feel good.”

But now, according to these new court documents, the insurance company has asked the judge to dismiss the case.

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