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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Nine bullet holes were found in an SUV after an argument over loud music at a Florida convenience store that left a teen dead, an investigator testified Saturday at the trial of the man charged with opening fire.

Also Saturday, the defendant’s fiancee, who was with him the night of the shooting, broke down several times while testifying.

A bullet fired into the rear door killed Jordan Davis, 17, of Marietta, Ga., in November 2012. Michael Dunn, 47, of Brevard County, is on trial in Jacksonville, charged with first-degree murder, three counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of shooting or throwing a deadly missile.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Detective Andrew Kipple’s testimony about the location of the bullet holes also showed that the Durango’s driver and his front-seat passenger barely escaped being shot.

Authorities say Davis was parked in the Durango with three friends outside the store. Dunn and his fiancée had just left a wedding reception and were heading home when they stopped at the store and pulled up next to the SUV.

An argument began after Dunn told them to turn the music down, police said. One of Davis’ friends lowered the volume, but Davis then told him to turn it back up.

According to authorities, Dunn became enraged and he and Davis began arguing. One person walking out of the convenience store said he heard Dunn say, “You are not going to talk to me like that.”

Dunn, who had a concealed weapons permit, pulled a 9 mm handgun from the glove compartment, according to an affidavit, and fired multiple shots, striking Davis in the back and groin. No gun was found in the SUV.

The crime scene evidence technician testified that when he arrived about an hour and a half after the shooting, he found nine bullet holes in the Durango.

Kipple said that the three bullets that hit the front passenger door were stopped by the door’s interior metal wall, where passenger Tevin Thompson was seated. The bullet through the rear window passed through the interior and struck a sun visor right next to driver Tommie Stornes’ head, then struck the front window and the fragments fell to the dashboard.

State Attorney Angela Corey walked Kipple through a slideshow of numerous photos the detective took of the interior of the Durango.

“Did you look closely and with great care through the back portion of this red Durango?” Corey asked.

Kipple said that while he found a several items including cups, a cellphone, a basketball and a bottle of hair gel, he did not find anything that could be considered a weapon. He said no one had entered the vehicle since the police initially arrived on the scene.

Dunn has said he saw the barrel of a shotgun and fired his 9mm handgun because he feared for his own life. His attorney, Cory Strolla, offered several possibilities during his opening statement, including that Davis opened the door and wielded an opened four-inch pocketknife in his hand before Dunn fired. He also said the other occupants of the Durango might have discarded weapons during the brief time they drove away from the scene to escape the shooting, then returned seeking help for Davis.

Dunn’s fiancee Rhonda Rouer, who lived with him in Satellite Beach, said Saturday that she was inside the store when she heard two bursts of gunfire and looked through the window towards Dunn’s car.

Rouer and the clerk can be seen in a video image reacting to the gunfire. “Somebody’s shooting,” the clerk said. “Somebody’s shooting out of the car, I swear to God.”

Rouer left the store and climbed in the car as Dunn was putting his handgun back into the glove box. The two left the scene quickly and went back to their hotel room because she wanted to make arrangements for someone to take care of their dog since she thought she was going to get arrested as well, she testified. It wasn’t until the next morning she found out that the teen had died, she said.

Several other Jacksonville detectives testified Saturday that they followed department procedures when they processed the Durango and items found inside.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy Carmine Siniscal testified that Dunn was cooperative during his arrest.

(Photo: AP)

15 thoughts on “Jordan Davis Update: Fla. Detective: 9 Bullet Holes in Loud Music SUV

  1. Barbara Smith on said:

    Michael Dunn left the scene and didn’t call the police because he knew there was no gun in that SUV. He knew the teens left and there was a chance he could say the police didn’t search in certain places for the gun because they didn’t know about the shot gun Dunn claim they had, so now he claim the boys hide the shot gun and the police didn’t do thier job!!! Very clever Dunn…your going to HELL

  2. Jerrod Lowther on said:

    This is another tragic lost to everyone’s community! Every time this happens we lose so much valuable life. There’s a great deal of white men especially stemming from the Southern parts like GA, NC, SC, FLA, LA, TN that refuses to respect cultural differences. I guess Jim Crow is alive and well. Would someone be shot dead if three Caucasian youth were listening to rock or pop anything loud???? I don’t believe they would and they shouldn’t. When will people learn to respect cultural differences? That young man is dead simply because the shooter HATES the culture of Young Black Males!!!!

    • Everyone hates the culture of these young lack males. Have you seen the lyrics of the song they were listening to? Everyone should be appalled, especially black women.

      • The driver of the SUV said it himself, we were going out cruising for byotches and Ho’s. Damm, how much more disrespectful can a brother get?
        Holla’ at the Scholar

  3. JIggy 5 is an internet troll that cannot be taken seriously just read his post and you will see why. He mind as well have said Martin and Davis got in the way of these upstanding citizens bullets what a joke. Whats next Blacks should apologize for slavery?

    • What Aaron means, is that anyone who dare take a view different than the collective BAW sheep is a troll. The likes of Cosby, Tommy Sotomayor, and Jiggy are just trolls. Pay no attention to them, lest you begin to think for yourself.

  4. HiPower on said:

    @jiggy5 even if you in a benz you still a nigga wit a coup. Whites hate blacks period. No way around. Trayvon wasn’t acting like a thug or hood. We need to start buying from our own. Set up a small home schools in neighborhoods for blacks only. Set up weekly events to tend to the needs or our communities. White people don’t like us, never have never will.

    • HiPower, I understand your frustration, but caution you against broad brushing all whites into the same non liking group. That would be akin to saying all blacks listen to rap music and drain welfare coffers. If you objectively look at Trayvons history, social media, pictures, scene names…NoLimitNigga, school expulsions, criminal history, drugs, alcohol. Do you know what Arizona Ice Tea, Skittles, and cough syrup make? He had all the requisites for a thug.

      I do agree with your thoughts of black owned business, run schools, and a migration back to a thriving community. Just don’t know if we can get there, with the damage inflicted already, both by others and on ourselves.

    • Let’t try to wade through the facts we know at this point. Dunn pulls up to loud window shaking rap music and appears to ask, not rudely, for them to turn it down. The driver obliges. Davis, in the back seat starts with the Hell Naw, fock that Nicca routine. Words are exchanged between Davis and Dunn with Davis likely using the more aggressive and vulgar language. Davis was quoted as saying “I outa kill you right now”. A definite threat on Dunns life. Given how aggressive Davis response was, he likely brandished the knife for effect.
      If Davis opened the rear door, child lock was only on the window not door, at this point, is it unreasonable to believe that Dunn felt he was in imminent danger?
      The Scholar asks these hard questions to get you thinking outside of the BAW box that they want you to stay in.

  5. How a Nicca gonna get paid this year?

    IT’S A NEW YEAR TIME FOR A NEW JOBS!!! Start working from your home and make $90/h… Only basic computer skills needed and reliable internet connection… Get your first weekly check at the end of this week… Stop wasting time and start now

  6. Like it or not, here is the message loud and clear….whites are tired of our hood act and aren’t putting up with it anymore. Let’t leave the ghetto act at home when we leave the projects Peeps. We’ll be a lot safer.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

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