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The 5-year-old Detroit girl who was abducted by her mother was found in Texas.

MyFOXDetroit reports:

She had been missing since Monday, Feb. 3, when she was picked up from Detroit Community School by her mother, Carmela Jackson, who is only allowed four-hour monthly, supervised visits. Zoie’s substitute teacher was unaware and released Zoie when she recognized her mother.

The two were discovered when Carmela’s 2002 Lexus was pulled over for erratic driving in Dickens, Texas, which is east of Lubbock.

The officer ran the plate and learned the vehicle was wanted in Detroit in connection with a child abduction. Carmela was taken into custody without incident.

Zoie is in custody of Child Protective Services and is in good physical health.

Zoie’s mother suffers with postpartum depression, Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia. Her father is a Detroit police officer.