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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Witnesses have recounted how a Florida man fired at an SUV outside a Jacksonville convenience store, killing a teen, following an argument over loud music.

More witnesses and police officers will take the stand Friday in 47-year-old Michael Dunn‘s first-degree murder trial for fatally shooting 17-year-old Jordan Davis in 2012.

An argument began after Dunn told the Marietta, Ga., teen and his friends to turn down the music coming from their SUV. One of Davis’ friends lowered the volume, but Davis then told him to turn it back up.

Steven Smith said he pulled up to the convenience store and went inside where the music was loud enough to be noticeable in the store. When Smith went outside, he said he noticed the music had stopped.

Smith said he heard someone from a Volkswagen Jetta say, “Nope, you’re not going to talk to me that way.” Smith testified that he then saw a man reach into the glove compartment through the passenger window, pull out a pistol and fire into the SUV.

The SUV started driving off and Smith said he noticed bullet holes in the side of the car.

Smith said he never saw anyone with a weapon in the SUV.

Another witness, Shawn Lee Atkins, said he was sitting in his truck outside the store when he heard shots fired. The SUV backed up and sped off, and Atkins said he saw a man crouched behind his open car door firing at the vehicle. Atkins said he memorized the license plate of the shooter’s car and went inside the store to write it down on a paper bag.

The store’s clerk testified she was waiting on Dunn’s fiancee inside the store when she heard the shots. Mariah Grimes testified that she saw a man firing a silver pistol from the window of his black car. The fiancee, Rhonda Rouer, walked to the store’s door at the sound of the shots and left her items and change behind, Grimes said.

Rouer got into the black car, which drove away, Grimes said.

During opening statements Thursday, prosecutor John Guy told jurors Davis posed no threat to Dunn and there was no weapon in Davis’ vehicle.

“Jordan Davis was upset, no doubt. He was cussing, no doubt. He raised his voice, no doubt. But he never threatened the guy,” Guy said. “The only thing he had on his person was a cellphone and a pocket knife. They stayed in his pocket.”

Dunn’s attorney, Cory Strolla, told jurors Dunn felt threatened and fired in self-defense. Under Florida law, Dunn had every right not to be a victim, the defense attorney said.

During the argument, Davis brandished the pocket knife, which was 4 inches and serrated when opened, Strolla said.

Davis’ words to Dunn were, “‘I should kill you right now,'” Strolla said.

9 thoughts on “Jordan Davis Update: Witnesses Describe Fla. Shooting Over Loud Music

  1. THIS page erased my original statement, so lets just say if it were a BLACKMAN shooting a kid of another race the courts could have found him the BLACKMAN guilty on all counts that’s my view and I’M STICKING TOO IT

  2. The colored boy pulled a knife and clearly said, “I should kill you right now”. If that isn’t a clear cut case of self defense, I don”t know Georgie Zimmerman. Again, whites are sick of our ghetto behavior, and we need to come correct when outside of the hood.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

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  4. americanize. on said:

    Just goes to show you,that white supremist thinking.Just walk up to a black person you don,t know an tell them to turn their music down in their own vehicle.Then when the person doesn,t obey he,s shot.Not only is he guilty he should get the DEATH SENTENCE.

  5. October on said:

    I hope this trial ends with a conviction for murder but it probably won’t. Maybe we should start shooting white folks who appear to be violent in nature. Since throughout their history, violence seems to be the norm. I bet the stand your ground laws in any state will change rapidly.

    • the Timekeeper on said:

      Dear October.
      I share your grief and your pain. However, that would actually be playing into the hands of the oppressor. There are some out there who would really like to see that happen. Trust me, the results would be disastrous. Im sure you are just venting and rightfully so. You feel as many of us do. With the considerable talent and knowledge you have, I will simply say take a moment and Im confident you will be able to find more constructive ways to demonstrate your feelings.
      Respectfully Yours.

  6. the Timekeeper on said:

    Regardless of how conclusive the evidenc is, and all of the hard facts tha thi sman commtted cold bloded murder. It i very hard to ge anyone’s hopes up after what happened in te Zimmerman trial. This should be a Hands Down” conviction. As we have almost always seen though when a young brown boy is involved, justice hardly ever prevails. as the late great Richard Pryor once said.
    When you go to court seeking Justice, what you really get is “Just Us”

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