SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — The parents of a south Georgia teenager found dead last year inside a rolled-up gym mat at school are suing the funeral home that handled his body.

Attorneys for the parents of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson of Valdosta accuse Harrington Funeral Home of fraud, negligence and intentional mishandling of a corpse in the civil suit filed in State Court late last week. The family is seeking unspecified damages.

Johnson was found dead Jan. 11, 2013, at his school. Authorities ruled the death a freak accident, but Johnson’s parents believe he was slain.

They had the body exhumed for a second autopsy last summer and discovered his internal organs were missing and the body was stuffed with newspaper.

The funeral home’s attorney, Roy Copeland, did not immediately return a phone call Wednesday.

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7 thoughts on “Parents of Kendrick Johnson Sue Funeral Home

  1. This is so sad. I grab my son and cried when i first heard this story. Black people this getting out of hand. Too many of our kids are being killed and thrown behind bars. This should be the top story on every channel. I know the parents of jordan davis are having it rough amd my prayers go out to them. But if you have a ounce of black blood in you. You should be fighting for kendrick and his family. This was cold blooded murder. Don’t be scared black people. Don’t be afraid to express yourselves in the white work place. Stand up speak for what is right. You deserve to speak of your feels and the injustice we endure. My black brothers and sisters if i could take you in my arms and fly away i would.

  2. Sometimes they sign for a body at the morgue and it is stitched up. Then get to the embalming room and open the body cavity up, ad nothing is there. They call the morgue, and it becomes the classic nonsense of nobody remembering where the organs are, but you signed for the corpse so it’s your problem. Open the cavity at the morgue or get the plastic bag with organs, and sign “No Viscera”, if you do not actually have possession or cannot see organs.

  3. I believe this funeral home participated in a massive cover up. There is no reason why this child’s organs should have been missing. Somebody doesn’t want somebody to see something. Hope she shuts them down.

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