It was only a matter of time, but Beyoncé’s performance at this year’s Grammy Awards was bound to incite reaction among shocked viewers.

Media sources report that the British newspaper UK Metro printed a story featuring the following headline: “‘Whore’ Beyoncé angers parents with raunchy act.”

The story, which ran earlier this week, quoted Grammy viewers who were taken aback by Beyonce’s sexually-charged performance of “Drunk In Love” alongside her husband, Jay Z. In addition to throwing the word “whore” around, the Metro quoted parents who labeled the songstress “trashy” and “classless.”


The feedback is among a string of critical jabs thrown Beyoncé’s way for her performance, which featured her by spreading her legs on a chair.

Among those voicing their outrage was Mandy Flores, who reportedly wrote on Facebook: “Aren’t u a mother now!!? Thought u had class, how trashy and I couldn’t even let my 8 year old watch. U have never done anything like that! So disappointed.”

Another viewer named JJ Boogie echoed his disappointment via Twitter: “Opening Grammy song performance inappropriate for young children. Thank you Beyoncé. #ChannelChange.”

As for the “whore” comment, that belonged to a woman who’s observation was short and sweet regarding Beyoncé, who she said looked like a “wh*re on stage” at the Staples Center in LA.

For those who didn’t catch Beyoncé’s Grammy performance or want to relive the moment, click on the video.

45 thoughts on “Beyoncé’s Grammy Performance Spawns Disrespectful Headline From UK Publication

  1. Judge not and you will not be judged. Condemn not, and you will not be condemned. Parents, just stop! Get off your ass and read to your child, instead of putting them in front of the TV. Watching adult program like “The GRAMMY’s” and them blame the media for what your child sees.

  2. Patrice Goodman on said:

    This performance was never meant for the kids to see. This was for the grown and sexy adults. It amazes me that the UK can call their performance disgraceful but says nothing about Miley Cirus lighting a joint on national TV and Justin Beeber driving drunk, or Madonna
    ‘s performances. Jay Z and Beyoncé is married and the network knew about this performance and they approved it. If you didn’t like what you saw you should have changed the channel. I loved it. It talks about real love did you even listen to the lyrics are were you to busy trying to see between her legs. .That is all the UK was talking about. Its just a performance, a show. Jay Z and Beyoncé is the power couple of the millennium and they are in love . UK publication need to get a life and they are using this performance to get publicity for there publication. They wished they had the money and the power Jay and Beyoncé has to even put on a show like that. Get a life UK publication and next time you watch the awards put the kids to bed. Beyoncé’s new Visual album says it all. Its not for the kids believe that.

    • Everyone knows that performance was not for children(thank God) What power do these two have? No power at all they’re just willing to put their trash and garbage out for the world to see. Have some respect for yourself. I would not want my Daughter to grow up and see her Mother and Father bumping and grinding on stage and in videos like this!!!!! How embarrassing!

  3. Martha on said:

    Don’t hate, check yourself, look in the mirror. She is a young talented beautiful black woman. Stop trying to bring her down and go get yours.

  4. Danica banks from Jan. 30, you must have a big eating disorder; if you think Beyoncé is fat; even if she is pregnant with 2nd child. If she is a whore for performing with her own husband. then what does it make that skinny, tongue wagging, terking, no ass, Milely cyrus? Nasty naked Milely can”t keep a man.
    Dee from Jan 30, I thought the performance was a little too risgue. I agree with Michelle from Destiny child, somethings should stay private. I was disappointed with the song, Drunk in Love….the lyrics revealed too much about the Carters. It was way too much information!!!!!

  5. it’s AMAZING how we stay in a perverted society where we feel comfortable about ANY performer prance around a public event that’s filmed and set us back with this kind of foolishness!! look what we have reduced ourselves to?!!? talk about NO CLASS!!!

  6. I agree with the positive comments. Some people underestimate children, especially those with parents who don’t rely on the television to babysit and teach their kids about life. Beyoncé is an adult married women who is an entertainer, most kids can grasp all of that. I love the song and enjoyed the performance. Compared to the others that night, it was clearly one of the best the Grammys had to offer.

  7. Mable McClain on said:

    Does the U K know the difference between a performance & real life? If no then you should take Downton Abbey off the air. Listen blokes, it’s only entertainment!

  8. If any of you are women!!
    Regardless of how you feel about Beyoncé or her performance, the disrespect comes from the article calling her a whore!!. When are women going to stop allowing men to call us whores and we agree with it!!
    What exactly makes her a whore!! Women stop!!

  9. What you do behind closed doors & in the privacy of your own home is YOUR BUSINESS!! But once you put that out into the public you have now earned the right to be ridiculed & judged. So when people judge or criticize a celebrity they are not HATING, it’s called an OPINION & everyone has one. I really wish people would reitre that word HATING!! It’s so annoying. If I say I don’t like Beyonce’s music or the way she presents herself then I’m HATING, NOOOOOOOO I just have an opinion & my opinion is I think she is not a great singer, has become classless. That’s my right to think that way. I don’t knock those who like her so I don’t expect to be knocked because I don’t like her.

  10. I’m confused! Did the same publication (and those parents) call Miley a whore when she was rubbing her A** on another womans husband’s private parts as she tried horribly to twerk? Beyonce is the ultimate entertainer who was dancing with her OWN HUSBAND! Bey, do the darn thing as much and as often as you like!!!!

  11. I loved the performance. Just because u r a mother does not mean u have to stop bring sexual. It was appropriate for the song n the meaning. If her husband loves then no once else opinion matters.

  12. Chris B on said:

    Yeah, did I miss the raunchy part, too? It wasn’t that bad in my opinion. She did what she was supposed to, performed well. The Grammy’s surely have producers, to pick what they want in the show, and at what times. This is what they picked. Beyonce’ did her job. Perhaps the Grammy’s did there’s too.

  13. I think she should rethink her career, she did good without Jay-Z’s influence why start now. Beyoncé , this guy is trash , yes you married him and hopefully your decent ways hopefully would change him, it’s not ! Control your own career, leave him to control his ! Just saying !

    • James Brittobn on said:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Once again, a famous musical artist has solidified the myth that black men are pimps and gangsters (no argument from my concerning JayZ) and prostitutes/ my question is what kind of woman with class and mother would do this? What kinda of husband would be good with his wifr prancin around and grindin her pelvis like Elvis in public.

  14. Ms. G. on said:

    I watched in horror as Beyoncé gyrated, spread her legs, and showed her natural ass to the world. I am a mature Black woman that understands that performing is her job, at a concert, yes but for national television where children are watching, NO!

    • You are so right. Beyonce feels that she has carte blanche just because she has rubbed elbows with the Obamas and the world is now her oyster. She used a surrogate and lied. Who shows pictures of their pregnant belly with their head chopped out of the picture(HBO docu.). That Drunk in Love songs that she sang was down right dispicable. Look up the lyrics. Super Bowl last year was bad enough. One day the world will see her for what she really is… an unintelligent shameless slut! I’m just saying.

  15. iann11 on said:

    I admire them for that! Now if America would get their act together. Just because someone is willing to dress scantily and bump and grind all over the stage does not make them a super talented singer.It’s really SAD how we prop up some of the most untalented people on earth as Superstars starting with this beyonce!!!!!!!!

  16. I admire them for this! Now if America could get it’s act together, not everyone sees beyonce as talented.Most people see NO talent at all, just because you dress scantily,bump and grind on stage does not make you a superstar.I’m glad that a lot people think for themselves and can reject her and her music as real talent because sadly people it’s not!!!!!

    • No talent maybe to you! Again, your opinion is not THE opinion!I don’t agree! I think they have plenty of self respect. They just don’t have time to respect the opinion of people who just HATE! If my husband and I made over 100 million dollars per year, I wouldn’t have respect for your opinion either! Or let’s just call it what it really is… RACISM. Katie Perry and PINK show their A%# on stage and where are the headlines???? Please.. GTFOH!

      • iann11 on said:

        Some people have respect for themselves and some are like you” where anything goes”.But that’s Ok it takes all types of people to make up the world I quess!!!!

      • The only performance I watched in it’s entirety is the song that Stevie Wonder sat in on. I fast forwarded through Bouncy’s performance, but watched the video on this site. Boring. Have never listened to or watched Katy Perry either. So, I caught up with that one too. She sucked.

  17. Why the heck would a child be watching the Grammys? The song is titled “Drunk in Love” really did they think is was going to be tasteful. She is a whore and classless, but the special marriages were ok to watch? Let’s not pretend the Grammys is a classy event and they soiled it. Do yall thing Jay and Beyonce.

    • I don’t agree! I think they have plenty of self respect. They just don’t have time to respect the opinion of people who just HATE! If my husband and I made over 100 million dollars per year, I wouldn’t have respect for your opinion either! Or let’s just call it what it really is… RACISM. Katie Perry and PINK show their A%# on stage and where are the headlines???? Please.. GTFOH!

  18. Any artist chosen to OPEN a major network production (not to mention a MUSIC AWARDS SHOW) would have performed their current chart topping hit! Beyonce’ and Jay Z DID THEIR THING! That is what the public pays them to do and is also what the Grammy’s programming board obviously requested…. NEWSFLASH: The performance was NOT a surprise to the show’s producers.

  19. msmacine on said:

    all you UK and US haters need to get over your self-righteousness and look at Beyonce and Jay’s performance in its entirety – picking it apart to prove your own skewed opinions is just dumb…

  20. The word “whore” was more affective than the word “peepshow.” I think peepshow would have been a better choice to describe her performance. What’s next for the Grammy’s? Will someone eventually show up and perform totally naked.

  21. How dare you call her a whore! That was a very artistically aesthetic performance. It’s called performance art. She is not a role model. Jay Z is not a role model. If you don’t want to watch, TURN THE CHANNEL. Ignorance is bliss, people. No one made you watch a damn thing.

  22. sosickofyou on said:

    What so embarrassing is that these these two freaks performed at the White House for First Lady Birthday and people seemed to be pleased about it!

  23. Aww, leave the woman alone. After all she ain’t no J Hud, Aretha or even an Alicia. She gotta make money just like the rest of us. Besides, whatever else you can say about her, she is no prostitute.

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