File this one under messy! Well if you watched Real Housewives of Atlanta this week you will remember that the cast was calling Kenya Moore out for being nosy or an instigator and saying she needed to find some business and mind it.

This stemmed from Kenya revealing to Christopher Williams‘s supposed wife Natalie that Christopher had allegedly been referring to her as a groupie in public for years. Yes! She told the girl that Christopher doesn’t call her his wife or even his girlfriend but a groupie. Ouch!

What made it even worse was that Kenya only revealed this to Natalie as a result of Natalie saying that she and Christopher eloped 20 years ago. The ladies on the show were saying Kenya had no business putting that info out there that way and that she shouldn’t be commenting on anyone’s marriage since she herself wasn’t married. In essence they said she needed to mind her own beeswax!

Well honey, Kenya found some business to mind alright but according to it certainly wasn’t her own! She went and dug up a video of Christopher claiming he was single in an interview and posted it!

That is so shady of Kenya but since she posted it….you might as well take a look at it in the video below!

Doh! He definitely said he was single…but to be fair there are plenty of artists or just entertainment industry people at large that don’t discuss their personal or family business with the world. Many claim they are single to protect their families or loved ones from the drama that often times surrounds the business. They probably want to avoid situations just like this one!

Christopher! What were you thinking letting your girl go on that messy show? Now they have you looking all kinds of wild!

We see that on next weeks episode Mr. Williams gets hauled out of the mix after a fight jumps off and he appears to be in the middle of it! We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that Miss Kenya must have something to do with it.

As for what is really going down in the Williams household right now…who knows…but we will say this…we sort of wonder if there is more to the Kenya and Christopher situation than what we have heard thus far. Could Kenya be a little jelly perhaps? Could she have liked Chris at one time or another? I mean…c’mon….we all know what Nino Brown called the man in New Jack City…and that wasn’t by accident. We’re just sayin.

But while we’re talking about him…y’all remember Christopher right? Take a look at some of our favorite Christopher Williams songs below!

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2 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Posts Video Of Christopher Williams Claiming He Is Single [VIDEO]

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    This guy have a lot of kids (baby momma’s). Who would want him with all that child support and drama? Kenya really is a desperate for a man, she look like a crazy fool on every episode.

  2. MaddieLittleylu on said:

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