Three days after burying her 13-year-old son, Dinyal New‘s grief intensified when her 19-year-old son was gunned down just blocks from their home, reports ABC News.

“All my boys are gone,” said New, 41. “I’m numb. I am stunned. I am mad. I am angry and hurt. I hope that somebody please comes forward if they saw something to tell the police.”

New’s 13-year-old son Lee Weathersby III was gunned down on New Year’s Eve approximately one mile from their home. His older brother Lamar Broussard was shot and killed 19 days later a few blocks from their home in East Oakland.

No arrests have been made. An Oakland police spokesperson said the department is looking into the possibility that the slayings are linked.

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“They were good boys, both of them,” Lee Weathersby Jr., who is Lee Weathersby III’s father and Broussard’s stepfather, told the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday. “We’re not supposed to be burying our children. It’s supposed to be the other way around. They’re supposed to looking out for us.”

Lee Weathersby III, described by his mother as an avid basketball player and drummer for his school band, was shot on Dec. 31 as he walked home from a friend’s house after he attended a party at a nearby Boys & Girls Club.

On Sunday, Broussard and his childhood buddy, Derryck Harris, 19, were killed while riding in New’s Audi, his mother said. She said Broussard was going to pay her cellphone bill.

Broussard was a college student who aspired to be a musician and start his own business, New said. She added that the family had considered sending Broussard to live with a cousin after his younger brother was killed.

“But, he said, ‘Mom, you need me right now,’ ” New said, wiping away tears. “Lamar was just consoling me at his brother’s funeral — and now we have to bury him.”

Though emotions are high in their East Oakland neighborhood, New insists that she wants justice, not retaliation.

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9 thoughts on “Oakland Mother Mourns Sons Killed Days Apart

  1. Jiggy5 on said:

    Unfortunately not a single witness will come forward. For generations now we have embraced the ‘no snitchin’, fock the po-po’ mentality. We can’t stonewall the police, then when we finally need them, expect them to respect us. Hell Naw Peeps.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

  2. Omerede Kashka on said:

    IF everyone got jobs and left the so called “GHETTO HOOD”, the killings would not stop and that is because not enough of our people have values that is manifested in respect for the lives of each other.

  3. When will we start to Value or Families and stop raising them in these God forsaken HELL HOLES. Do what ever you have to do work 10 jobs if you have to, whatever you have to do. STOP RAISING YOUR CHILDREN IN THE GHETTO HOOD!!!!!! And then you wonder why they’re being hunted down and shot down like animals!!!!

    • I totally agree with you. I don’t see how people are surprised that they are losing their children to the streets when they don’t do what it takes to get their children out of a violent neighborhood. And this is coming from a woman who was divorced and raised two black boys who both finished college and are upstanding young men. I worked two jobs, paid my way through college to make sure that they were always in a decent home, neighborhood and school. When you put your children at risk bad things happen. But as a mother my heart goes out to her and my prayers are with her. I guess some people just don’t know any better. SMH

      • iann11 on said:

        Yes! Why do you think this concept of getting out of a bad situation to protect your family is LOST on a lot of people?

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