Before there was swagger, there was suave and men like Billy Dee Williams had it. These days, suave men are few and far between, but actor Harry Lennix is definitely one of them. He is currently starring on the new hit NBC series The Blacklist playing FBI head Harry Cooper. Cooper is forced to deal with one of the world’s most wanted criminal masterminds, Raymond “Red” Reddington (played by James Spader) who offers to help the FBI catch a large ‘blacklist” of criminals as long as he can work with FBI profiler Liz Keen. Think Silence of the Lambs meets Criminal Minds. The show returns tonight at 10 p.m.

“Red is very smart and very dangerous. I think a great invention of comic books is the idea of these super villains who’re very intelligent. I’m intrigued by it myself. I don’t watch television myself, not even stuff I’m on. It’s like acting in front of a mirror.” A veteran actor, Lennix is known to many as Dresser in The Five Heartbeats, but says that he’d always wanted to play the Eddie King, Jr. part, but was never considered for it.

“It sure was fun,” Lennix says of The Five Heartbeats. “When I think about how long ago that was I feel very old, but I feel that it’s one of those movies that when it came out, nobody paid a lot of attention to it; we kind of got buried by other movies, but now it’s a classic.”

Lennix says that while he’s now on a hit TV show, he still gets recognized for The Five Heartbeats. A native of Chicago, Lennix is an alum of Quigley South High School, which is now St. Rita on Chicago’s South Side. He says it was the greatest school in the world, though Sybil, also from Chicago, naturally disagreed. She went to Morgan Park High School.

The Blacklist airs on NBC tonight at 10 p.m.


2 thoughts on “Harry Lennix Stars On The ‘Blacklist’

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  2. Love Harry Lennix. I hope when Hollywood decides to make a movie about President Obama (You know it’s coming) they choose Harry Lennix instead of Will Smith or some other actor. I remember him playing Adam Clayton Powell in the TV movie “Keep the Faith Baby”. He as excellent… Haven’t watched “The Blacklist” yet, but think I’ll start to now…

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