They say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree and Erykah Badu’s oldest daughter is an example of just that.

According to a new Vimeo video that hit the web, 9-year-old Puma is enjoying the spotlight just like her mom. She recently took center stage at the Lone Star Circus in Dallas and stole the show with an acrobatic performance. And to top it all off, her R&B sensation mother played the piano and sang along during her set.

Each year, the Lone Star Circus shows off the best and brightest in the Dallas area with ‘Charivari.’ Check out footage from Decmeber’s ‘Charivari’ below.

Puma’s father is former NWA rapper Tracy “The D.O.C.” Curry.

One thought on “TOO CUTE! Erykah Badu Performs With Her 9-Year-Old Daughter At The Circus [VIDEO]

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