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The video of a toddler using profanities and having profanities used on him by family members went viral this week.

The video was posted on the Omaha, Nebraska police union’s website. They say they did it to show what they were up against and to break the so-called “thug cycle” in the city.

They also say they shared it so the public will learn about “the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.”

The head of the union tells me that they wanted law abiding citizens to know what they were up against.

The question is whether it was ethical for police to post the video.

Before you decide you should probably know that the video was originally posted to Facebook by one of the child’s relatives because he thought it was funny.

The police union then took the video from the Facebook page and re-posted it on their site.

That’s when the outrage ensued, not only over the re-posting of the video but mostly over the adults who were complicit in the scene.

No one condoned the adult’s behavior but some have called police racist for making the video available to a wider audience.

CNN Political Contributor Marc Lamont Hill told me it “sends the wrong message about young, black boys.”

Others, including myself, have argued the “thug culture” is not exclusive to African-Americans, and that sadly I hear people of all different ethnicities calling their children the most ungodly names all the time.

I also hear the most ungodly words coming out of many children’s mouths.

Needless to say, the social media response was overwhelming after my discussion with Hill on CNN from people going back and forth about whether this type of behavior is pervasive in our society.

Whether you believe it’s pervasive or not, the fact is that it does happen.

All you have to do is a quick YouTube search and you’ll see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own ears.

After our segment ran on CNN the toddler and three other children living in the home were removed and taken into protective custody.

And from here who knows if their lives will get better or worse.

Because for many children in this country, the foster care system isn’t such a good place to end up either.

It could be just the beginning of another type of cycle; one just as contemptuous as the one from which police believed they were saving the children.

It is a sad story all the way around.

28 thoughts on “The Cycle of Thuggery: How Can We Break It?

  1. DoubleOKool on said:

    I am so sick of seeing Black people act like animals. This young generation makes me want to vomit. All these young thugs and she-thugs do is hang in the hood and sell drugs, hang out on street corners, have babies, sit on their butts and not work, collect a check from the government, and basically cry foul when the world calls us out to clean up our neighborhoods and our communities. We are in deep trouble my people. Where is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton when its time to address the issues of our communities. You only see them speak out when they think someone is being racist against African Americans. They need to get off their butts and bring the issues of our communities to center stage and question why all this violence and destruction is happening in our community with the endless cycle of black on black crime and uneducated youths making a mockery of what was born out of the civil rights movement. I am sick of it all. SICK SICK SICK!!!!! I am almost ashamed to be a part of the African American race. It hurts badly to see that we are moving backwards instead of forward. We are doomed as a race if we don’t get our house in order…..and FAST!!!!

    • DoulbeOKool-Those people don’t speak for me. I hate it also it break my heart. We need to shout it out loud that they don’t define a the black race. I’m so sick of media blaming the black race for those animal. It make me so mad.

      • Jiggy5 on said:

        Here is one big difference and problem: white people don’t defend white trailer trash, hood behavior. We acknowledge it does exist, shame it where we can, and carry on by trying to do things the right way. Blacks ignore, make excuses, or deflect blame to others when confronted with thuggery in their race.
        Holla’ at the Scholar

    • You should watch the documentary called hidden colors. Oan, you wouldn’t no anything about all the crimes that happen in the black community if it wasn’t broadcasted in a 24 hour news cycle that makes us look bad. Maybe a good question would be “why is the media, tv, radios always sensationalizing things that help shape the “Ghetto” community. If there were more positive images to view instead of all this negative garbage then the outcome could be different. How come we don’t see images of positive black families in the media. This is the tech generation, its not like every black person is ignorant ghetto or the like so why not more of the positive images? There are plenty,

    • Instead the focus being on negative images of our families, lets shed light on more positive images. Or better yet; there is a young black father that is about to do 100+ days in jail because he paid too much child support and visited his child too much but that’s not being brandished all over the media because he is being a father, I’m not trying to tell you what your focus should be on but it would help if we saw more positive images because they are out there, stop ignoring them. That’s what they want you to do!

  2. Jiggy5 on said:

    Can we break the cycle? In a word, NO. Let me explain, we need to look no further than the Trayvon Martin tradejy. We are usually the one to inject race into an issue. We defend thuggery by our men as women. Martin’s online name was “NoLimitNigga”, seriously. We ignore facts because they prove our viewpoint wrong. And we attack anyone that has a different or more educated viewpoint. We do all of this consistently and repeatedly.
    So in a word, No we can’t and won’t break the cycle.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

  3. Ian Rousseaux on said:

    It would really be nice if the black community would really wake up and star loving themselves and their children and stop accepting GHETTO behavior in their lives. From the HORRIBLE RAP music(which by the way isn’t music) to not putting proper emphasis on education to just not having pride in themselves as human beings!!!!! Stop the GHETTO living and get real about your lives,stop letting all these HORRIBLE reality shows present you in such a BAD way!!!! Get some pride about your race!!! The whole WORLD is laughing at you. And that’s a shame you can do better and you can be better.Put down the 40oz and grab a book!!!!

    • lan: You said “it would really be nice if the black community.” I’m wondering which “black community” you are referring to??!! I assume you know that not every one in the ‘black community” drinks 40 ozs, and aren’t educated!! Please STOP stereotyping all black people under one umbrella

      • iann11 on said:

        Joy, I agree with you not all black people are like this,but a whole lot are!!!! just look at the HORRENDOUS rap videos with all the non-talented thug wanna-be’s,.who think they are artist(when we all know they couldn’t spell the word artist if their life depended on it.) With the gold chains, sidepiecies who dress like hoochies, making it rain with their fake dollar bills giving a HORRIBLE name to black people all over the world!!! How tragic and how embarrassing to the human race!!!!!!

      • DoubleOKool on said:

        Man please don’t be saying crap like keeping it real in the hood. That ain’t real. That’s a thug fantasy and its a part of the problem.



    (2 Different comparison links below)
    NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!! Please be fair to all children treat them the same under the same law. I did not upload this video below to YouTube , possibly the family did, try yourself on topics like these if you take one set of children take them all
    Can some one send this in to cycle of violence thuggery??????
    Can the law be fair for all children????? ns=em
    7 Second Vines – White People can’t control their kids

    My point is take all the children don’t pick and choose. Some of the videos are intentionally overlooked and not being broadcast by news and social media and these other children were not taken. Wake up people

  5. It will never happen if one black persons does something bad we all get blame for it.!” If one black person does something positive it’s just that person. Sad put true

  6. I don’t do facebook but from some of the things that I am told is posted on facebook, It is a shame and disgrace. Also, all black people are not criminals and the Criminal Justice System need to stop labeling us in one category.

    • I hear yeah Cecile: I guess all the white serial killers, child molesters, and meth users aren’t giving them something to work with! My point is that generally speaking (as outlandish as it is)…lots of the time Black people are lumped into one group. If (ONE) Black person does something it’s often assumed by idiots….that all Black people do the same thing. The intelligence level (or lack thereof) of people making these types of assumptions are off the chain.

      • Who cares what THEY think? Can we please stop making what THEY think the issue and start looking at what actually is happening in OUR community? It’s enough that there is one child being subjected to this. And WE ALL know that this is not some isolated incident. Open your eyes to the truth that the degradation, devaluation, and devastation of our people, of our families, of our children that what was started centuries ago at the hand of others is now being perpetuated by our own hand.

  7. They always focus on blacks,but it’s everywhere white,blacks,Hispanic it a society of people that have nothing to give and these people r having children,it’s mind blowing.

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  9. william.robinson on said:

    I think the same Police Officers should pull videos of white children holding and shooting guns from the websites and say this is the reason for all the schools and theater shooting. Same principle. What we are witness to is a total lack of EDUCATION and Self Worth.

  10. Nikole Spann on said:

    Moving past the cops reporting the video. What are people doing to help the children who were being raised by animals?

  11. People are just crazy and now their kids are watching. It’s sad but true look what we have on TV and people like to broadcast their issue to the world.

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