In the latest Hip-Hop Spot, HeadKrack gives word Nicki Minaj might be pregnant by the king of baby making, Lil Wayne. It hasn’t been confirmed or denied, but listen to the audio player to hear three reason why it may actually be true!

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3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj May Actually Be Pregnant By Lil Wayne

  1. She was so horny niki gal wow but for her she was entertaining her fans she is a gr8t twekker in d global don blame her she was expressin her thin don be jugdemental to her she is pregnt not u let her be responsible to her pregnancy

  2. Ian Rousseaux on said:

    Why would anyone care who she was pregnant by, she is one the most DISGUSTING,GHETTO, GUTTBUCKET,RACHET,HORRIBLE,NON-HUMAN,DISPICABLE,TRASHY,VERMIT that ever lived!!!!!! And the same for lil wayne!!!!!!!!!

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