Rapper Twista loves his city of Chicago like no you’ve seen before. He reps the Windy City any and everywhere he possibly can. Naturally, Twista has a lot to say about the violence that has overtaken his city. The “Overnight Celebrity” rapper believes social media and the heightened sense of ego have both contributed greatly to the “Chiraq” label Chicago has received in recent years. In an interview with Vlad TV, Twista explained his point of view.

In the interview, Twista talked about how the economic climate of the city also contributes to the violence. Twista said, “It’s hard, man. We got the highest taxes. Ain’t nobody got no money. These kids ain’t got nothing to do. And they going at each other. And then, one thing I see that’s different—like they was killing each other back then, but we didn’t have social media back then. Like I think social media contributes to it too. Not that it’s a bad thing. Anything you get you’re gonna have goods and bads with it. So, I think one of the bads that comes out of it is these shorties try so hard to impress each other. They got egos, man. They just going at each other real hard right now.”

While Twista does acknowledge Chicago’s violent reputation, he is also quick to point out that other cities deal with the same amount of violence as well. “I mean, it be crazy who gets the badge each year. Chicago got the badge right now, but you can best bet that it’s some neighborhood out here, out there, or somewhere else—it’s pretty much about the same kind of shit going on. You know what I’m saying? So, it’s just we got the badge for it right now,” the rapper said. “But it’s definitely going down at the crib. But you better believe it’s going down in every urban neighborhood right now. You know? So, it’s something that we need to do. Some people think we can do it on a simple level by just giving the kids something to do and building centers, but I think it’s a systematic thing going on. And we gotta look deeper into it.”

Check out the video below. Do you agree with Twista’s statements?

One thought on “Twista Believes Social Media Contributes To Chicago Violence [VIDEO]

  1. the interview twista did about chicago is true people do not have money and taxes are killing them even more and its sad to read about and to know about. i have always been a twista fan i love his rap music he is so tight with his rapping and he also has a caring heart and cares about other people too and you dont find too many rappers like that so more props for twista keep doing what ya doing

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