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We’ve been talking a lot about coming out.

What’s a good time?

Do people really need to do it anymore? The answer is yes.

Here’s why.

I know plenty of people who live double lives. They are open with some friends, not all; closeted to their families and sometimes even their co-workers. They’re afraid of being judged.

Afraid of hurting someone they love, very often a parent or a grandparent just for simply sharing with them a simple fact about who they are.

Imagine that.

Imagine being afraid to tell the people you love most in the world about someone you have a crush on, someone you’re dating, someone you’re planning to marry.

Imagine the effort it would take to keep all of that a secret.

And not only that:  keep track of the people you’ve told and haven’t told, and then make sure those people, all of whom are in your life, are never in the same place at the same time.

It ain’t easy. I’ve been there.

Coming out is a very personal decision. One must do it in their own time and at their own pace; and while it was my personal choice to come out to family members, co-workers and friends in my 20’s. I didn’t come out publicly to everyone else until just a few years ago.

While I cannot speak for Robin Roberts nor any of my recently out, gay colleagues, I didn’t do it because I was afraid of losing my livelihood.

I was afraid that you the viewer would no longer watch me. I was afraid of people like Phil Robertson who claim to love everyone while simultaneously thinking that everyone’s love isn’t equal; the people who use religion and scripture to shield bigotry now towards gays and in the past towards women and African-Americans.

Like I hope it does for Robin, empowerment quickly replaced fear once I revealed my truth not just to some but to everyone.

And if people like Phil Robertson are deserving of keeping their platforms, and can even be celebrated. Then people like Don Lemon or Thomas Roberts or Rachel Maddow or Sam Champion or Jenna Wolf or Anderson Cooper or Robin Roberts are also deserving of their platforms and can be celebrated as well.

That’s why it’s still important to “come out” and say very simply…I’m gay.

13 thoughts on “Why Should People ‘Come Out’? Don Lemon Explains Why Inside

  1. Bilal Muhammed on said:

    If you are a public figure you should not reveal such immoral behavior, since this has a large negative effect on young people, not to mention on the culture, a gay person should try to better understand who they really are, i.e. the type of dignified human being that G-d intended them to be. Now I like and respect Don Lemon, however, you should not exploit such immoral behavior, nor should he encourage this type of behavior, this only adds to the moral decay of America! Encourage people to be their own man(mind), the mind that G-d wants them to have.

  2. Hypacia on said:

    I don’t feel any different about her. We only get one life to live. Why spend it living how other people feel is right. If you don’t like gay sex then by all meNs don’t have it. Spend time worrying about what’s going on in your own life. I’m sure they aren’t trying to prevent any heterosexuals from living their lives how they see fit. These people are wives, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles that love their families and raise good kids just like everyone else. Who someone sleeps with at night is not my concern. How they treat people and there contribution to society is much more important to me.

  3. Savannah on said:

    With Robin Roberts now admitting that she has a bowel movement, I was shocked that such announcement was not more in the form of an admission that she’s a transvestite. This very hardened looking woman surprised no one by letting the world know that she has the same mental illness that now seems to befall most of her other colleagues in the print, entertainment and news media.

    First lady Michelle Obama who never seems to shy away from seeking attention, offered up her congrats to Roberts – yawn. She may be reading her eulogy in the near future, as this woman while in cancer remission, still looks like she’s near death.

    It never took CNN’S Mr. Don Lemon long to use her announcement to talk about himself. This Black Anderson Cooper wannabe said that the reason he took so long to come out to his viewers, was out of fear that they would no longer watch him.

    As you know, I only watch Lemon just to laugh at him, and yesterday was no exception. If Don’s ratings were not listed on the rector scale at CNN before, when viewers thought that he was straight; it has not improved now that he’s come out. His lack of viewership was not, and is not due to his sexuality, but the fact that he was a lousy anchorman then, and continues to be one now.

    Not to be outdone by Loser Lemon, Mr. Richie Rich himself Anderson Cooper felt it necessary to also do a segment on this non story. It’s quite a different tone from Cooper when he admitted a few days ago on his boring AC360 Later segment that his 85 year old mother used to let him read about her cunnilingus with her lovers. This prompted the tweeter world to joke that he probably did it to his mother, instead of reading it out of her book.

    I guess when you have aids is only a few moments away looking Daniel Keenan Savage on your panel; along with the hardened criminal looking Charles Blow, and lobster looking preexisting condition Andrew Sullivan; along with adulterer, and it’s not my kid Jeffrey Toobin; the talk of oral sex would be front and center on the round table with this ghastly group.

    Yet gays are at a loss as to why decent citizens find them perverted and revulsive.

    CNN is already in a ratings race to the bottom with MSNBC; having these people grace our television screen on a nightly basis will ensure that Zucker and his gang will remain at the ratings bottom.

    Even Anderson Cooper having group sex with Griffin, Seacrest, and the above mentioned panel tonight on TV while ringing in the new year; with Don Lemon and Piers Morgan doing the colour analyst; while Chris Dorner is a superhero Marc Lamont Hill continues to lament about Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s homophobia and A&E’s love of money, will not move their ratings upward.

  4. Kimberly on said:

    I agree, keep your private life, P R I V A T E – I W O U L D
    L O V E to know how this concerns me as a Black Single Female Parent in my everyday life. This is another distraction from the real issues? “What if I have a life partner? Could my man apply for benefits or vice versa? Do you job and go home!

  5. msyellarose on said:

    It’s not necessary to “come out”. It’s called a personal life for a reason. I actually applaud and have great respect for Robin for keeping her relationshipto herself and simply enjoying her life.

  6. Felicia2014 on said:

    Before you make such statements why don’t you speak to a gay or lesbian couple about their loving affectionate relationship. So Joe, if a man has anal intercourse with his wife what does that make him, or desires fellatio…..???

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