During a temporary split from his now-fiancée Gabrielle Union earlier this year, NBA star Dwyane Wade hooked up with another woman and fathered a son, reports Entertainment Tonight.

Union, 41, knew about the child before she accepted the Miami Heat guard’s proposal on Dec. 21, a source tells the show, and the pair worked through the issue privately.

Wade, 31, has reportedly known the baby’s mother for years and recently visited with his new son.

Wade spoke to Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” in September about the break from Union, whom he had dated since 2009. The separation was largely due to the demands of their work lives, he explained.

“Celebrity relationships [are] very hard,” he says. “This was a big year for us and our relationship from the standpoint of she was shooting her show “Being Mary Jane,” going most of the year. I was dealing with my injuries, trying to win a championship, so we kinda took a step back.”

“We supported each other … but at the end of the day we came back together and [said], ‘Listen, we want to continue this, we want to continue to try to get better each day,’ and she’s been with me, and I’ve been with her all summer long. We’re going strong now.”

As previously reported, the couple shared a behind-the-scenes look at their holiday photo shoot, which features outtakes with Zion and Zaire, Wade’s two sons with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, as well as nephew Dahveon, whom he raises.


18 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Has New Baby, Fathers Baby During Break from Gabrielle Union

  1. Wow d wade is a mess!! Wth?? It’s sooo true really glad this happened to gab u. She broke up him and his WIFE!! Lost it for her after that him too. But karma is BITCH GABBY so now it’s them two kids he got his wife his nephew the NEW BABY THE NEW BABY MOMMA WOW THEN YOU!i
    IDIOT LMMFAO! That’s what u get HOMEWRECKER

  2. well, he really didn’t cheat on her. They were broken up. But the fact that this baby is here, is going to make it hard. However, if they’re willing to work through it, then good for them. Just goes to show you, that people can and will make stupid mistakes, no matter who they are.

  3. Gabrielle is a GROWN women and knows to move on if she chooses. She was the side piece when D. Wade was married, so she gets what she deserves. D. Wade treated his wife worse than s–t. and nearly drove her to a nervous breakdown, he was a cheater then and he is still a cheater.

  4. Steadyb89 on said:

    I just wonder if the incident was reversed and Gabrielle got with an old friend during their break and became pregnant. Would D. Wade still want to marry her…mmm?? Just make you wonder about the double standards in life! And, I am with other comments if he just had to get with someone during the break, what about a condom!?? Self sex! I hope Mrs. G. Wade required some extensive testing before she went back there. Just saying…

  5. I thought Gabby was a lot smarter than staying with this guy. She is headed for a life long disappointment with him. “A short break”, yeah right??? I guess for some women status and money mean more than self respect, true love and a happy marriage.

    • Myra you are right on in your comment, these sport guys are bad news for women who want to be married and live happy ever after. What a Maroon to think this will work I give them 2 years at best.

    • Eugene why? So she can be part of the 75% of Black women that don’t have a husband (much less a male friend….and statistically speaking never will have)?

    • sosickofyou on said:

      Gabrielle is beautiful, wealthy and talentive! She do not need to be with a PIG who eat slop, who goes out and have unpretective sex on breaks! Dewayne had the break all planned out and that’s why he has a new ba ba and I would be saying…bye bye!

  6. Dumb move D-Wade. But we all know that most of the time men think with their little head instead of their big one. Sidebar: I’m willing to bet that most of the women that are saying Gabrielle shouldn’t marry him don’t have a boyfriend….much less a husband. And no I’m not saying women should seldom for less….what I’m saying is that what may work for one woman may not work for another.

    • @joy I agree with you Joy, How can a man have a short break and have a baby, Wade did not need to get anyone pregnant, all this protection out here, I mean are you serious WADE,, every-time you lay-down with somebody does mean you have to get pregnant, or he should have wore a condom,,
      I love this couple, but I do not believe if Gabby had a short break, and got pregnant he would not have even bought her a RING,, so I hope and pray that she does not get hurt by this,,

      because He is not done sowing those wild oats… GOOD LUCK Gabreille Because I really like her, and I like her as an actress.

  7. So sad, what happens the next time he decides he needs a break? D-Wade tried to put himself above his wife, but the things she said are coming to view.

  8. Everybody’s thoughts LisaM, he was so distraught from the break up he couldn’t remember a condom??? Sounds like Ross from Friends, we were on a break! No excuse. And the woman, long time friend, what happened to talking and seeing him through hard times? Now you’re a baby mama but you’re not a gold digger? why would you do that to yourself?? Not a good look for any of them.

  9. redbone1954 on said:

    If she likes it I love it. I’m with you LisaM why not wear protection??? I guess he wanted more children that’s the only reason I can think of WOW!

  10. BLACK MOSES 73 on said:

    Yet the statement i read yesterday was she is not a goldigger..You mean to tell me a subpar successful woman with no kids takes on all this baggage because she is in love…LoL..I never thought i would call a woman this name but she is a clown..D.Wade is a classic example of bronze and no brain..Then again i can’t blame Gabrielle.She figures a side piece is not the only one going to break his dumb ass off.Make you wonder why she decided to marry him. I guess to be one up on the side piece

  11. I can understand the whole break and getting with some else. If that’s what you want to do. But I can’t understand NOT using a condom. That is disgusting

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