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CLAREMONT, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California church nativity scene is featuring a bloody Trayvon Martin in place of the infant Jesus in an effort to stir a community conversation about gun violence.

The nativity scene on the lawn of the Claremont United Methodist Church — which shows Martin in a hoodie, slumped over and bleeding — was created by 57-year-old congregant and artist John Zachary.

Zachary, who in the past has created installations addressing homelessness and poverty, said he wanted to make the Nativity relevant to modern times and generate a community conversation, the Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday.

Zachary said he chose to focus on the Florida teenager whose shooting death captured the nation to draw a parallel to the dark times in which Jesus was born.

But some faithful have shuddered at the depiction and called it sacrilege.

Retiree Viola Saunders, who stopped and took some pictures of the scene with her phone, said she thought the Nativity was too sacred to modify.

“It’s pretty bad,” she told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. “It takes away from the original.”

Lead pastor Rev. Sharon Rhodes-Wickett said the church 35 miles east of Los Angeles is a progressive community where many congregants seek to challenge their minds, and hearts, but she can understand if some find the depiction “too edgy.”

“It’s hard to look at a young man who’s shot and bleeding to death. But even though I’m uncomfortable with it, that’s the point,” she told the Daily Bulletin. “We have to take a look at the violence.”

The scene will remain in place at the church through Jan. 5.

(Photo: AP)

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19 thoughts on “Nativity Features Trayvon Martin Instead of Jesus

  1. TRAYVON MARTIN;was an still is a baby.can,t let them get a way with it.there are2 stan an I do not share the same view with you.2 Hispanics you forgot that sam Houston kill your grand daddy stole your rape your grandmother go (YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS.)

  2. JanCorey on said:

    Trayvon represents stolen guns, gold teeth, failures in schooling, tattoos, gang hoodlums, unemployment, welfare addicts, trash talking, worthlessness and zero in any positive sense in allowing such a criminal to run rampid and unsupervised-by-parents in our community. Trayvon’s needed-death was a gift from God.

  3. Blacks (democrats) in their pure mental madness had made Trayvon Martin, a bit thug who were on his way to becoming a larger than life criminal out to be some kind of hero. They are truly sick, and this is the reason black democrats as a group will always be at the bottom of the totem pole.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Well said Stan. Plus, don’t forget, the police said that had Trayvon Martin survived the gunshot, he would have been charged with a felony assault against Mr. Zimmerman and likely would have been sent to prison. Thankfully, he died and a bed is now open in prison to hold his buddies and family.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Well we know stan won’t be one of those on the bottom of the totem pole he referred to. There is probably a heap of dung with his name on it. He’ll be the king of that hill.

  4. JanCorey on said:

    Justice for Trayvon Martin was already accomplished when high-on-dope-Trayvon died after attacking an armed victim. Gun-Control is being able to hit your target.

  5. the Timekeeper on said:

    To those of you who would respond to JanCorey ( and his Cohorts) please do not bother to waste your time. Please be advised, JanCorey is being paid by the koch Brothers and Sarah Palin. His job is to patrol minority websites and begin hateful conversations of racism and bigotry. Along the way, he has gained a few followers here who the Koch Brothers are more than willing to add to their payroll. When you see Jancorey’s logo of wounded warriors, then you should know the racsim is coming. So dont get angry, or respond. Move on to another topic and save yourself the aggravation of dealing with this neanderthal. He isnt worth it.
    Move on and enjoy your day.

    • Well said Brother these bigots really stalk black websites like someone is going to believe anything they say, but that’s the nature of White Supremacy they feel they can do no wrong its really a sickness.

      • Wildflower on said:

        I’m sure most blacks/minorities are use to it. White people have always been obsessed with minorities. I’m actually more flattered when I see them stalking minority websites than offended.

    • JanCorey on said:

      The Timekeeper, thanks for proving my points about trolls like you. Facts do scare some people, especially the uneducated and the too-lazy-to-research. As far as Trayvon Martin who you fail to discuss on this blog-topic, caring-people are just glad he’s dead and no longer a threat to our communities. I only wish I could have been there to add a few more rounds up his nostrils.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Ivan Cohen, I got my facts from proven materials available to those gifted enough and intelligent enough to access such known quantities, and facts come from something that actually exists; reality, truth, or something known to exist or to have happened, or a truth known by actual experience/observation or something known to be true or something said to be true or supposed to have happened and often facts, either actual or an alleged event or circumstance, as distinguished from its legal effect or consequence.

  6. JanCorey on said:

    Big mistake on that switch on the nativity scene from Jesus to Trayvon Martin. Jesus is a symbol of pure, non-violent, and non-criminal, the total opposite of that dope-head-Trayvon. Putting a symbol of Trayvon in the scene will only encourage visitors to piss all over the scene.

  7. JanCorey on said:

    Big mistake on that, Jesus is a pure, non-violent, and non-criminal, the total opposite of Jesus.
    Putting a symbol of Trayvon in the scene will only encourage visitors to piss all over the scene.

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