If you thought Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, was gonna drive his truck – with his koo-koo girlfriend and their guns – off into the mountains, you’re wrong.

After making slightly over $100,000 last week for selling an “original” painting of the American flag on Ebay, he’s back in the news this week for joining Twitter.

The news of Zimmerman joing the social media site came after a fan questioned the authenticity of the Ebay account.

“Thanks for your question,” Zimmerman wrote. “Yes, this account and my twitter @therealGeorgeZ belong to me, George M. Zimmerman. I have received this question a lot so I posted a picture of me holding my painting with the hope that would clarify any confusion. Your Friend, GZ.”

If you’re pondering whether to “follow” him, as an example, here’s a taste of what he’s tweeted since Dec. 16: Bible scriptures, messages of appreciation to his supporters, retweets from “fans.” And he even retweeted a message about missing Michigan medical student Teleka Patrick.

According to MadameNoire, so far he’s attracted 2,331 followers. However, Twitter has yet to verify his account.

(Photo: AP)

17 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Says He’s on Twitter Now

  1. JanCorey, I will never e v e r forget the day George Zimmerman got away will murder! Bein’ white don’t give you privilege over other,s , I’m better than you. White is not a color, proud to be me……….

  2. I will never e v e r forget the day George Zimmerman got away will murder! Bein’ white don’t give you privilege over other,s , I’m better than you. White is not a color, proud to be me……….

  3. JanCorey on said:

    Big mistake on that switch on the nativity scene from Jesus to Trayvon Martin. Jesus is a symbol of pure, non-violent, and non-criminal, the total opposite of that dope-head-Trayvon. Putting a symbol of Trayvon in the scene will only encourage visitors to piss all over the scene.

  4. claretaqoe150 on said:

    just before I saw the draft four $7180, I be certain that my friends brother was like they say realy making money in there spare time from their computer.. there moms best frend had bean doing this less than twenty one months and just cleard the loans on their mini mansion and bourt Nissan GT-R:. i was reading this……… http://clockurl.com/BcF

  5. the Timekeeper on said:

    Attention to all of those who would poat:
    Please dont bother. JamnCorey and a few of his cohorts have already replied to this. JanCorey is a piad operative of the Koch Brothersd and Sarah Palin. He llives to patrol minority websites for the sole and express purpose of spreading volatile, racist, and bigoted dialogue to any website that addresses Zimmerman. so dont bother to respond, just let this go and find another subject to res;opnd to. JanCotey is not interested in an objective dialogue, He only wants to inflame those who feel different. He has found a few here that go along with this ( they always do) So when you see his wounded warrior logo attached to his name, you know the racism is comng right along with it.
    Dont respond, he ( and his boys arent worth it) just move on and have a much better day.

      • JanCorey on said:

        tewdeeq, people standing up and supporting the enforcement of Laws is not anything racist as you so incorrectly claim, it is just being diligent of the facts of the issue. May facts NOT continue to scare you tewdeeq so much, good people will all pray for your recovery.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Ditto, Sosickofyou, I only wish I was there to help Mr. Zimmerman that night that drug-head-Trayvon attacked him. I would have helped George by expanding Trayvon’s nostrils with a 9mm and then tracked down Trayvon’s parents to find out why they abandoned the supervision of their predator-son.

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