From the outside looking in, most people are not familiar with everything it takes to get a desired “yes” from a potential client, a boss or family member when seeking and developing something new as it pertains to work. As the old adage goes; “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” With that in mind, it is imperative that you recognize your needs and perfect the manner in which you communicate all requests to gain your desired results.

If you already have your “elevator” pitch permanently etched into your memory or if you are developing your art of asking, here are five tips to creating and maintaining the perfect pitch.


1) Stay Positive and Know People Genuinely Want to Help.

Do not talk yourself out of your desired result before it even happens. There are numerous people in positions of power who genuinely want to help you and get “warm fuzzies” from being able to assist others. Go boldly to those who may be able to get you one step closer to your desired result and know that they may take comfort in being able to help.


2) Follow Up.

If at first you do not get the desired response, ask again! Include additional information that may change the outcome and show tenacity in your pursuit. Your persistence can and will pay off.


3) Do Not Be Overzealous.

There is one thing to be persistent, yet another thing to be a stalker. You should definitely gauge the stance and personality of the person you are seeking a desired result from, however, do not be offensive. Nothing good can come from being a pushy stalker.


4) Offer Something In Exchange.

If you are seeking participation from someone who may be beneficial to your job or business, offer something in return. Maybe you have connections in areas they will benefit from or you have services that can assist them. Just don’t come to the table with an open hand. Offer something in return.


5) Do Not Harp On The Final Answer.

If you have done everything you possibly can do to get a positive response and it does not happen, simply move on to other sources and persons who may be able to help. Your vision isn’t tied to one specific outside source of assistance (outside of God), so keep moving until that door and/or window opens.


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