A gossip blog is claiming that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart won’t return for season 7, and that an official announcement will be revealed as soon as Dec. 20.

According to Media Take Out, sources close to the show say the 32-year-old ex-wife of former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart was reportedly fired on Dec. 16. They quote a source who says Bravo has had enough because “she’s a mix of boring and annoying, [and] neither is good for TV.”

Much of Porsha’s arc revolved around her relationship with Kordell. Now the focus is on his mystery sexuality, and whether or not it played a role in their relationship. Perhaps that’s not enough to keep the Bravo powers-that-be (Andy Cohen) happy.

Bravo denied the rumors when HollywoodLife.com reached out for comment, but Media Take Out’s source says that the news might get worse — a second housewife will “likely” be asked to leave by the end of the season.

11 thoughts on “Was Porsha Stewart Fired from ‘Atlanta Housewives?’

  1. It has always been painful to watch her extreme stupidity. This basic broad didn’t know how many days were in a year last season. Really? Dumb. Forget having a “blonde moment” (no offense–it is an expression) I think we should now have a “Porsha moment”. Kenya may be a lot, but dumb she is not. Good Riddance!

  2. NiKki Thomas on said:

    Let me begin with last year I really liked Porsha and Kordell on RHOA but I did NOT like how the show portrayed them as being controlling and dingy. I felt they were brought on the show to bring balance from the norm already on the show being that Peter had toned down from the controlling role. I think Porsha is very gullible and she is impressionable. For Porsha not to understand the Underground Railroad and being from the family she is (Mr. Hosea Williams–Civil Right Activist) of all people Porsha should know black history. This makes me wonder what has this young lady been taught ALL her 32 years of life and not only what has she been taught what has she taken the initiative to learn on her own. It seems that beauty and popularity is all she knows. I think Kordell was covering her the entire marriage, he knew that her elevator does not go to the top floor, he did as a husband should and that was protect her. However, Porsha was influenced by and wanted to be like her co-workers on RHOA and Kordell her husband-protector-covering was NOT about that life. Porsha was being exposed to some degree in her first season but this season tops it all. Also, Porsha has lied, at the shoe store, she said that Kordell would just pay for her things but in a pervious show she said that Kordell would not give her $500 for shopping. I think Porsha needs to be dismissed from the show and she needs to go back to school and work on herself without all the lime-light. My thoughts….


  4. Anette Farnell on said:

    I like Porcha, and when did intelligence determine anything? Heck if that was the cast there would be a lot more people getting fired. Heck a great majority of the population gets their information from Facebook. Dang that is so jacked up. Do what you do Porcha.

  5. Good I’m for one am glad that she is gone…because this is one of the dumbest chicks I’ve seen in a long time. I have to agree with her ex he was raising two kids her and his son. MD I agree with you 100% how in the heck this girl made it through school without knowing that the “Underground Railroad” wasn’t an actual railroad…come on really…Mr. Hosea Williams has to be rolling in his grave…smdh.

  6. I don’t watch the show but my sister called me from Cali last night to tell me about this idiots comments about the “Underground Railroad”. What she needs to be is “Fired” from the family of Hosea Williams. What the heck is wrong with her???

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