The family of a 13-year-old California girl is reeling over decision no one ever thought would have to be made: whether or not to take her off life support.

Jahi McMath, who went to Oakland Children’s Hospital to simply have her tonsils and adenoids removed, was supposed to come home last Tuesday, but instead family members are left with the unexpected decision of possibly ending her life, according to KTVU.

Jahi’s surgery was supposed to be a routine procedure, one that is done everyday and rarely met with complications. But after Jahi had her tonsils and adenoids removed last Monday, she began bleeding profusely from her mouth and nose. Jahi’s grandmother, Sandra Jo Chatman, told KTVU she kept asking for help from nurses but says no one would answer her pleas.

It wasn’t until the little girl let out some screams that the nursing staff responded, Chatman claims. “I was the last one to see Jahi,” she says. “I said, ‘Somebody help my baby please!’ And they came in and starting working on her. The next thing I know, the doctor said, ‘Oh no, she doesn’t have a heart rate anymore.’”

Hospital spokesperson Melinda Kreigel says Jahi’s case is under investigation and said the ICU staff is always manned with nurses round the clock.

The McMath family also contend that hospital personnel have been treating them in a disrespectful and callous manner, adding that they feel pressured to make a quick decision about Jahi’s fate. Jahi’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, struggled to keep her composure as she talked about her daughter in front of Children’s Hospital Saturday.

“Now you’re saying your family is taking over the hospital,” said Winkfield. “You guys invaded my life!”

Kreigel, however, defends the hospital’s position. She says that the McMath family is not being treated in an ill manner, nor are they being rushed into making any snap decisions about their little girl. Taking Jahi off life support is the family’s decision to make, she added.

But Jahi’s mother is still in shock over her daughter’s health, given that the procedure she went in for was suppose to be a simple one.

“(They) told me my daughter would be home on Tuesday and now you tell me she’ll never come home again!” Winkfield said.

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6 thoughts on “Teen Goes In For Routine Tonsil Surgery And Winds Up On Life Support

  1. Your article is really great to learn more about the tonsil surgery and winds up on life support. Always love to visit your site because your all news are really great. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. tewdee Q on said:

    This is the new corporate health care system with the money bottomline. The doctor hired who crudely told the parents and the family that he had to take the patient off life support “quick”, as I recall from this story or another news account may have said that because he was going to take the heat for all expenses incurred for the child on life support. This is my opinion. No drugs is most likely involved. Doctors who understand the corporate bottom line are the only ones hired these days and this is how they sound and this is what they do. I believe that there are various reasons the child bled to death that should have been looked into once the bleeding was noted to be abnormal, even by the family, that could have possibly prevented further worsening of the condition of this child. The autopsy will do nothing now to save the life of this patient. The doctor’s behavior is inappropriate, eg, the manner in which he said the child “was dead” to the family. This will be an even more reason for a cover up- ie concerns about repercussions. My feeling is this isn’t the first time this poor behavior has been noted.

  3. Sherry Franklin on said:

    There had to be a surgeon that was clearly incompetent or on drugs and the staff that assisted him are afraid of what repurcussions they will face!! Someone HAS to come forth with the TRUTH because this child was literally murdered for NO reason at all. The truth shall set you free, GOD does NOT honor a lier, hypocritic oath not carried out or none of this BS that has occurred. This is so appalling in this day n time that such a simple procedure was botched!!!!! She wasn’t seen up after her tonsils and adenoids were removed! Get Dr. Baudin or Giambalva to do her autopsy!!!!!

  4. Big Daddie on said:

    So what really happen….what went wrong who messed up why is this little girl on life support….let’s drug test the doctor and the staff that were in the surgery room….why is this…..!

  5. Jermaine on said:

    My heart breaks for this family.I hope that my breaking heart will be a way to thin out their pain and allow them to bear the unbearable.

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