If you’ve ever dreamed of being in a Tyler Perry production, then here’s your chance.

Tyler Perry joined the TJMS today to talk ( in full “Madea” character) about how cruisers can audition to be a part of an upcoming Tyler Perry project. Read details below. Click here to book your cabin on the 2014 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage.

Tom Joyner:  And now the auditions that will happen on the cruise.

Madea:  Yes.

Tom Joyner:  That you plugged on Jay Leno, a two drink minimum.

Madea:  Yes, you have to have two shots to send in your audition, and you can audition in front of the casting director and then you will be in a Tyler Perry something.  It could be “The Have and Have Nots”, it could be on one of the next movies, it could be on the Fantastic Voyage movie.  Yeah, so we’re gonna work it all out.

Tom Joyner:  Okay, I got a text message here.

Madea:  Yes?

Tom Joyner:  Tom, I’m a juggler, can I audition for Tyler Perry on the boat?  What do I need to do?

Sybil Wilkes:  He’s a juggler.

Madea:  Well, let me ask you this.  Have you ever seen a juggler in my damn movies?  (Laughter) Whether you start seeing me doing a Circus Ole by Tyler Perry do you come up with a damn juggle.  What the hell you juggling?  You better juggle somebody else’s audition.  That’s what you need to juggle.

(Photo: Rance Elgin)

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55 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Wants YOU to Audition on the 2014 Fantastic Voyage

  1. Chayill A. Williams on said:

    Hi Mr. Perry,
    My name is Chayill A. Williams, I am 12.years old.
    I love your movies, and plays.
    I am an energetic 12 year old, that would love the opportunity to be apart of one your movies or plays.
    I sing and dance. I also take karate, and kickboxing. I play basketball, and volleyball.
    I recently audition for a talent show at my school, it was the first time I had ever sang in front of an audience. I sang Whitney Houston’s Who Could Imagine A King. I was the only one there who sang a solo. As a result of this audition, I took home 3rd place.
    Every since my win at school, I joined my church choir, that I was afraid to join.
    I also auditioned for Disney World’s The Event. I passed that audition, making it to the next round. I will be going to The Event in Florida, in July 2014.

    Mr. Perry, if you feel that I would be able to audition for a role in one of your movies or plays, please feel free to contact me via email.(
    Thank you for allowing me to leave this comment.

  2. Malaisha linton on said:

    Hi Mr.Perry my name is Malaisha I’m 19, I live in Fayetteville North Carolina I have been trying and trying to audition for one of your plays or shows but was never successful because I don’t know when or where the auditions are held you are my inspiration and my biggest dream is to work with you I’m currently 5 in NC state for dramatic interpretation so I’m a great dramatic actress but I’m very funny in person so I’m great at both I’m also a great singer you can see me on YouTube @laceydagga but I hope see this cause if you do it would mean the world to me thank u so much.

  3. Jacqueline Dunn Pickel on said:

    Hi! My name is Jacqueline Dunn Pickel, I have been excoted about working with you! Anytime you need a white female with a black females body, I’m there! I am fascinated and intrigued by your work and look forward to being a part of it! Thank you for the messages you send- and for having single moms held high in respect(: ok- so, I’ll leave my number and will be believing that I will hear from you , soon!
    Thanks again, Jacqueline Dunn Pickel
    Single mom of 5 and extremely HARD worker! 706-581-4398

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