R. Kelly: Trey Songz ‘Needs To Continue With The Hits & Less Beef’ [EXCLUSIVE]


Long before the likes of Chris Brown, Drake and Trey Songz reached musical success, R. Kelly established his dominance as the king of R&B. He created the blueprint to baby-making music and laid the foundation for artists to be uninhibitedly sexual in their records.

Kelly’s 24-year career is littered with Grammy Awards, platinum plaques and golden pens that spawned some of the greatest hits of our time. Therefore, it is only inevitable for rising artists to borrow pieces of his style while infusing it with their own, to be compared to the Pied Piper. Trey Songz’ raunchy lyrics earned him a comparison early on that eventually resulted in an R&Beef between the two.

During HelloBeautiful’s intimate “Press Play” event in Harlem, NYC on Monday, R. Kelly revealed his thoughts on newcomers to the game Trey Songz and Chris Brown.

“As far as Trey Songz is concerned, he’s a very talented guy. He just needs to continue with the hits and less beef and continue to just get in the studio and make the hits. That’s how you get to where I am today.”

Hit the play button above to see what else Kell’shad to say!

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