TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida State quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Jameis Winston will not be charged with sexually assaulting a woman who accused him of raping her about a year ago, a prosecutor said Thursday.

State Attorney Willie Meggs made the announcement at a news conference, saying there was not enough evidence to win a conviction.

“After reviewing all the evidence in the case, we did not feel like we could meet that burden,” Meggs said.

A search warrant from January, released hours before the news conference, detailed the woman’s accusations for the first time. She told police she and friends had five to six shots at a bar and her “memory is very broken from that point forward.” She said she remembered being in a cab with a “non-descript” black man and going into an apartment where she was raped.

The woman didn’t identify Winston, who is black, until about a month after the alleged assault.

Winston, 19, has led the Seminoles to a No. 1 ranking and a shot at a national championship if they defeat Duke on Saturday.

Many Heisman voters were waiting to see whether Winston will be charged with a crime before casting their ballots. The deadline for ballots is Monday, and the trophy is awarded Dec. 14.

The details of the alleged rape were contained in a search warrant for cellphone records, including text messages. It was dated Jan. 16, six days after the woman identified Winston.

The warrant said she tried to fight the man off, and at some point, another man came into the room and told him to stop. But the two went into a bathroom “where he completed the act.”

Her next memory was of the suspect dressing her, putting her on a scooter and dropping her off at a campus intersection. She said she had no idea where the alleged assault took place.

In the short time since Meggs’ office took over the case, investigators have taken DNA from Winston, interviewed the alleged victim and looked at other evidence.

Meggs said DNA found in the accuser’s underwear matched Winston. Winston’s attorney, Timothy Jansen, has suggested Winston had consensual sex with the accuser and he expects the prosecutor will exonerate his client.

Jansen planned to address the media later Thursday.

Patricia Carroll, the attorney representing the alleged victim, has not responded to requests for comment. Her office is expected to release a brief statement after the prosecutor’s announcement.

The alleged sexual assault was first reported to police on Dec. 7, 2012. The family has said the alleged victim did not know the identity of her attacker until early January. Police said last week that they tried to interview Winston in January but that Jansen at the time told them his client would not answer questions.

The family has been sharply critical of the way Tallahassee police have handled the case. They said they pushed to have a DNA sample taken from Winston, only to be told by a police detective that it would alert Winston and make the case public. The family said Carroll was warned by police that Tallahassee is a “big football town, and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable.”

Tallahassee police have defended their handling of the case and said it was placed on inactive status in February after police were told the alleged victim did not wish to prosecute the case. Carroll has denied that the woman wanted to drop the investigation.

The alleged victim was an FSU student, but she left school last month.

(Photo: AP)

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6 thoughts on “UPDATE: No Charges in Jameis Winston Sex Assault Case

  1. This whole situation is so sad, regardless of Winston’s innocence or guilt. If he is innocent, then this accusation will hang over his head for the rest of his life. If him is guilty, then the mental anguish of this young woman will last years, if it ever heals. Regardless of the truth of the matter, everyone involves looses. I read an interesting article on the subject, not of Winston’s innocence or guilt, but just the situation in general. http://www.livethelife.org/jameis-winston-was-set-up-heres-the-proof/

  2. Although the comments made on this site bear some truth. But what about the responsibility of these young girls, who continue and continue without fail to get drunk beyond comprehension and then blame or call rape when they feel violated. As a woman “No ” means “No” but these “girls” are out here acting grown, getting drunk and not able to really know what the Hell happened to them. Ladies don’t get drunk and falling down sloppy drunk.

    I believe the right decision was made. Now, of course, when a man committs a rape he should be charged but this case does have insufficient evidence and the right decision was made Point Blank.

    These athletes need training, as well as, these girls leaving home for the first time and losing all inhibitions and common sense. All the blame is not on these young men. These girls swarm to these parties, six or seven shots. Really!!!!

    More has to be done on both sides. But, girls and women need to be accountable and stop getting drunk. For heaven

  3. Winston gets to continue living his life and play football. What about the young lady? The bottom line with this case was The Seminoles Football program. Nothing or no one else mattered. Go ahead Jocks; Rape until your heart’s content. No one will ever punish you for it. Just sick & despicable.

  4. Chester Todd Jr. on said:

    Well another jock gets off with rape. Have you ever noticed that jocks, professional or collage, are allowed to rape and pillage their way through life and never pay the price. This is very upsetting to a father like myself just to know that my daughters could be subjected to this type of treatment without ever getting justice. Today there is a great amount of disrespect for women in the Black community by young Black men. Of course there are many theories on why this aura exists in our race and I have my own. I know this problem also exist with White men/jocks, such as the Green bay Packer player that was charged with raping a teenager a few years ago and was found innocent. What most people over looked in that case was that the judge, procurator and defense lawyer all were alumni of the same college, the young girl might have gotten raped by the player and the court/ judicial system. Someone must speak up for justice in these types of situations. One Black Mans Opinion.

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