When singer Ashanti started dating rapper Nelly, it became the worst kept secret in the music business. Despite neither of them talking about their relationship in the press for almost a decade, we all knew the entertainers were more than just “best friends.” The couple’s love train finally came to a stop recently and now Ashanti is ready to dish some details about her nine-year relationship with the St. Lunatic.

In a revealing interview with Hot 97, a New York City radio station, Ashanti talked about the effects of her relationship with Nelly and her falling out with former Murder Inc. label boss Irv Gotti. when it comes to Irv Gotti, the “Braveheart” singer says she constantly hears how Irv says she was disloyal, but she stayed with Murder Inc. until 2009. Although, she and Gotti went through their drama, ashanti says they are in a “cool space.”

When the topic turned to Nelly, Ashanti answered the questions without revealing too much about their personal lives.  ”Nelly and I are in the space where I’m kind of like focusing on my career and he’s focusing on what he’s doing … I have to do me. We’re in that space right now. And there were things that were said and things that were done that probably shouldn’t have been said or done, but they have been.” She may have been alluding to Nelly’s rumored cheating, but we can’t say for sure.

Ashanti goes on to say, “When people are around each other a long time, there are feelings and there are things there and people get hurt. Men handle hurt differently than women handle hurt. He put a couple of scars on me. We’ve definitely scarred each other and its safe to say.”

One of them have to spill the beans now or we can wait until 2045 when either one of them gets a VH1 biopic and shades the hell out of the other like TLC did to Pebbles. Either way, somebody is going to put all of their business on blast.

Check out the interview below.

2 thoughts on “Ashanti On Relationship With Nelly: “We Scarred Each Other!” [VIDEO]

  1. @joy I agree, I knew they where not together because nelly admitted it,, when asked on another program,, but OMG! is right, I’m hoping she will find true love and find a healthy happy relationship,
    Ashanti, Looks older now, she had on to much make up,, she is looking like she has been through a lot,, but I pray for all our sistah’s who are waiting for some of these, men to step up and start acting like men instead of QUEENS!,,,

  2. OMG!! Ashanti is STILL talking about Nelly! Obviously the relationship didn’t work. Move along. I feel so bad for our young sisters: (in a lot) of cases they don’t have anyone to date much less marry. If Ashanti was in a meaningful relationship with someone she wouldn’t still be talking about Nelly. Brothers need to start giving our beautiful black women some play

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