DJ Quicksilva is talking to Russ Parr about his new film “Christmas Blessing.” Listen to the exclusive interview in the audio player to hear the synopsis of the film and how it captures the Black perspective of being in the military. Be sure to catch “Christmas Blessing” Saturday, Dec. 7  at 8 p.m. ET on TV One!

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9 thoughts on “Russ Parr On How “Christmas Blessing” Captures The Black Perspective Of The Military [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

  1. I saw this movie and while it was nice, it was BS…I AM A WIDOW of an Active Duty US Army Soldier who gave 13yrs & his life to this dayum war. I have 3 kids & I’m only 39, I was 37 when he died. Finding love again doesn’t happen for us. It’s hard, it’s hell & after having been in such a close Knut military community for so long, I felt completely ostracized from my so-called friends. I had to fight for 8 months to get our benefits, but I’ve never seen a Soldier that was KIA’s family have to go 2yrs for their benefits. I know this because my previous job included training the CNO or Casualty Notification Officer..the young man that notified me had been a student of mine just three months prior. Now, for the lady you picked for the movie, she was gorgeous, regardless of how many kids she had. Me? I’m not ugly, but I’m nothing to write home about and what I know is that dating at my age, with my kids, in my situation, is not easy. It’s hell and personally I hate it. I recently moved up to the DMV because it was a change of scenery and closer to home (VABeach).dating up here has been a joke. I’m mixed, intelligent, loving, caring & friendly. I love sports and am a volleyball coach..yet none of this matters. The chance of a woman in my position getting a date that ends up being as nice as Omari Hardwick’s character is about as likely as me winning the lottery. Maybe next time you should really do a little more research on the subject matter.

  2. Carol Dean on said:

    I cried; I smiled; I laughed, and I praised God! This movie had me on an emotional high. I absolutely loved it. The cast was believable, the storyline was profound, and the theme was inspiring. You ALL did a wonderful job. The film touched on so many issues that plague us all, from death to divorce to healing. This movie is definitely not a “Black” film; it is a universal film that is so relatable. Again, loved it!

  3. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Im a HUGE Omari Hardwick fan ever since first seeing him in Next day Air. And Ive always loved Lisa Arrindell since the movie Living Large. But besides that, the script, characters & acting were SUPERB! I would love to see the relationship of these characters in some sequels. These characters were realistic, pure & believable. GREAT JOB RUSS!

  4. I love it ! Wow ! You have shared something with the world that was a blessing. As a divorced women with two sons I could relate to the characters. God sent me a wonderful man 8 years later and he has 4 daughters from a previous marriage we sat and watched your movie and cried. God heals families! And u took people lives to the screen. Wow we thank God for you and your family for the vision you shared. I never knew who u were until we watched the movie and I fooled you because we loved it so much. Ima stop cause I can go on and on…..
    God bless Sir

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