Miriam Carey, 34, the young dental hygienist who was gunned down on Oct. 3 after trying to ram through a White House security barrier, was assassinated by President Barack Obama because she had given birth to their illegitimate daughter, according to the delusional Reverend James David Manning of Atlah World Missionary Church.

Carey was shot and killed after taking Capitol Hill police on a brief, high-speed chase; her 1-year-old daughter was in the backseat of the vehicle.

Manning, a Birther known for making bizarre claims and attention seeking, repeated various theories on how and why President Obama met and began an extramarital affair with Carey — all of them ridiculous — that led to the birth of her daughter.

Though on the surface Carey’s behavior seemed reckless, it was later reported that she was suffering from post-partum depression with psychosis, her mother Idella Carey told ABC News.

“She had post-partum depression after having the baby” last August, said the woman’s mother, Idella Carey.

She added, “A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed. … She was hospitalized.”

Carey’s sisters also came to her defense, questioning the fatal use of force by Capitol Hill police.

“What I do see is that perhaps maybe my sister was a little afraid being surrounded by officers with their guns drawn,” Valerie Carey said to Matt Lauer on the Today show. “My sister was fleeing. She was trying to figure out how to get out of there.”

Amy Carey-Jones echoed her sister’s sentiments, stating,  “I feel that things could have been handled a lot differently. We still feel that there was maybe another story than what we’re being told.”

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17 thoughts on “Preacher Accuses Obama of Assassinating Woman Killed In Capitol Shootout To Hide Love Child

  1. Bishop Tyrone L Seals on said:

    Come on…..This guy should be thrown out of the Church. He’s an idiot and know this…it’s not the first time he’s said something stupid. He’s not a real preacher, he’s looking for attention. So now he’s got it. Whoever follows him or goes to his Church is equally crazy. How can anyone sit and listen to this false prophet on any Sunday

  2. msyellarose on said:

    This man is a delusional attention-seeking idiot, and BAW is giving him the floor. Please stop. Ignore this nonsense and he will go away.

  3. Camella Jenkins on said:

    cookoo….cookoo….cookoo! Dude need to be on mental ilness meds and exactly how many wacko church members does this nut job have?

  4. I wonder why the media has not picked up the story about the love children that I have with Obama.
    I am gonna go make a You Tube video and see if the media picks up the story. (Obama needs to help raise the kids he fathered with ME)

  5. People for whatever reason can and will come up with all kinds of WACKO ideas and conspiracy
    theory’s . I’ll file this one with the “Bush brought down the towers” morons

  6. @RawStory @DrJamesDManning #Justice #MiriamCarey

    I am still waiting for a correction.

    On behalf of the Carey family, thank everyone for your continued support.

    Response to The Raw Story article about Birther Preacher James David Manning’s claims regarding President Obama, Miriam Carey, her minor child and the wishes of the Carey family:

    There is no suggestion, nor has there ever been any suggestion by the Carey family that President Obama is the child’s father. Please in the future, contact me directly if there are any questions about anything related to Miriam I. Carey’s untimely death or the Carey family.

    In the meantime, the Carey family has called for the DOJ to investigate the Shooting Death of Miriam Carey (Note: The DOJ letter and police affidavit are included for your review)


    #Justice #MiriamCarey

  7. Here is a common sense question that further proves the stupidty of this claim. Why would the MEDIA HIDE anything negative that THIS president does or has done? If THIS President farts in public, the media will be all over it!!! PLEASE!!

  8. ms1978 on said:

    yeah, and i birthed malia and sasha…they just happened to look like michelle! i feel for the people that follow this idiot!

  9. That’s all he wants is his 15 mins of fame @ natedogii . (sad) This is crazy. Some people will do anything, & exploit any body to get seen. In My Tamar Braxton-Herbert voice Get you r life man!!!

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