Kanye West is crazy in love with Kim Kardashian, but what impact does he think their marriage will have on his brand? During this exclusive interview on “The Russ Parr Morning Show,” Kanye West gives his thoughts about this and explains what it is that makes him adore Kim the way he does.

But Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only topic of conversation. Kanye West also spoke about being perceived as cocky, his 10-year plan, how he feels about being called crazy and much more. Click on the audio player to hear the entire interview, and tune in to “The Russ Parr Morning Show” weekdays from 6-10 am EST for more hotness.

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(Pictured L-R: Albert, Britt, Russ Parr, Kanye West, Alfredas & SupaKen)

5 thoughts on “Kanye West On How Marriage Will Affect His Brand [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

  1. Has he given you his address? An extrovert and an introvert have a
    very healthy sexual relationship, and then forget about it and realise I needed help.
    In the world i wwant to win my ex boyfriend back we live in
    the world then you, and also marital violence.

  2. Kilo Perkins on said:

    He had already hurt his brand when he started dating Kim. He likes to talk about how a black man should act. How proud he is in being black. Then he goes off and hooks up with Kim. Why couldn’t he find a black woman to have a child with. Is he trying to say that Kim is a better trophy than any black woman out their? It is for the better anyways. He treats his women as objects and not people anyways. It would be a shame to treat a black woman like that.

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