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The Dearborne Heights, Michigan man who shot 19-year-old Renisha McBride in the face, killing her in cold blood for knocking on his door at 2a.m. on November 2, was held accountable for the crime last Friday.

Theodore P. Wafer, 54, was arraigned on second-degree murder, manslaughter and felony firearms charges at the Dearborn Heights District Court, reports MyFoxDetroit.

Prosecutores will ask Wafer, who is not currently in police custody (though the on-air newswoman says that he is), to turn himself in. His bail has been set at $250,000, with a preliminary examination set for Dec. 18.

McBride, whose blood-alcohol content level was 0.22 according to toxicology reports, said to be significantly higher than the allowed legal limit to drive, is thought to have been in a nearby traffic accident. Traces of marijuana were also found in her system. Her family believes she knocked on Wafer’s door seeking help.

Civil rights groups have called for a thorough investigation, saying they believe race was a factor in the shooting — McBride was Black, Wafer is White. Prosecutors insisted that race was not relevant.

“In this case, the charging decision has absolutely nothing to do with the race of the parties,” Worthy said Friday.

Evidence showed McBride knocked on the locked screen door, Worthy said, and that there was no sign of forced entry. Wafer had initially said that he thought someone was trying to break in.

“These are the appropriate charges, and he did not act in lawful self-defense,” County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said.

Wafer is also charged with possession of a firearm during the attempted commission of a felony or commission of a felony.

Under a 2006 Michigan self-defense law, a homeowner has the right to use force during a break-in. Otherwise, a person must show that his or her life was in danger.

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7 thoughts on “Man who Killed Renisha McBride Arraigned — Bond Set at $250K

  1. We have no idea what transpired on the porch that led to the shooting. What we do know is the Renisha was determined to get her drink and smoke on that evening. Driving a motor vehicle at near 3 times the legal limit is proof positive the she had no regard for her life or anyone else’s. she is damm lucky she only rammed a parked car. Other facts: she walked away from assistance at the scene, pulled up her hoodie, and spent several hours doing something other than calling AAA Roadside Assistance. I count at least 4 pretty major violations of the law before she trespassed. Do you really think she knocked on a strangers door for help that many hours later? Peeps, you must evaluate the facts, not twist them to fit the story you want to believe.

    -Holla at the Scholar

  2. well at least someone will be held responsible for her death,, he really did not need to shot her in the face, I mean what was she doing, was she trying to kill him, or was she trying to hurt him,, what Was the problem,,, did he even try to see what the problem, was. he intended to kill her. but if she was a white woman on his porch ,, I really believe he would have tried to help her. !!!! he would have taken a different approach trust me…

    • Well Joey, if blacks (13% of the pop.) didn’t murder over twice as many whites (77% of the pop.) every year as whites murder blacks, and blacks didn’t commit the majority of murders and supermajority of violent crimes, then maybe a raving black on your porch at 2 am wouldn’t be a problem. In my neighborhood, a black person raving on your porch at 2 am at your front door is normally what happens right before a home invasion, if you get that much warning. Saying otherwise means you’re nothing more than a race hustlin’ lunatic because we all, black and white, know it is true. That said, that young lady and her family deserve our prayers.

      • SloMo, you are probably right, we have seen so much of the angry black woman stereotype, that it’s not longer a stereotype, but reality. When Keepin’ it Real meets shotgun, there are no winners.

        -Holla at the Scholar

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