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Comedian and sketch artist Nefetari Spencer has not gotten her chance on Saturday Night Live but she is making her name known through her sketch comedy videos on YouTube.

She talked with TJMS commentator Jacque Reid about her experience trying out for SNL and the avenue she has created for herself online. Listen to her interview above and check out some of her  YouTube work below.

“Real Housewives of Civil Rights”

“Amazing Race with Harriet Tubman”

“Finding My Own Obama: Episode 1”

What do you think? Is she funny?

14 thoughts on “Hey SNL, Nefetari Spencer is Funny! (WATCH)

  1. I did not find this funny. It’s actually degrading to black people and if this is what SNL is looking for I would rather they keep looking. Comedy is only as good as the person who writes the jokes and this is not funny.

    • I agree with you why would a black person reduce our heroes and Icons to this level of cheap buffoonery. There is nothing funny about what Harriet Tubman, Betty Shabazz and Coretta King endured. Its sad that the freedom they suffered for is being used to degrade them. Where are all of the screaming black feminist? These are truly Black female heroes not Olivia Pope.

      • I repeat, the sketch is clearly a SATIRE of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And in a case of life imitating art, the Mandelas granddaughters now have a reality show! It’s nuts. Also getting into the act is “Preachers of L.A.” If you want to be upset about degrading images, aim for the source, not the comedians who hold a mirror up to reality.

    • Did it ever occur to you they are making fun of how utterly ridiculous Real Housewives of Atlanta is? Showing powerful black female icons participating in the ridiculous reality shows of today only highlights how far public images of black women have sunk. (As evidenced by the invisibility of a black woman on SNL when we have a dynamic black First Lady in the White House.) Black performers just can’t seem to win. If we do slave narratives it’s “why black people always gotta be slaves?” If we do comedy we’re “buffoons.” Here you have educated, talented black women and you are putting them down. SMH

      • I don’t know if you watched the skit but she had Coretta King arguing with MLK and stated that Malcolm X was really the father of their last child? Really Really. All of these skits were stereotypical and degrading Its sad that this makes sense to some black people. If these women are educated surely they could have thought of better material Cosby did and literally saved NBC.

      • Does satire make it okay to degrade dead Icons who suffered for us? It seems that black people are so happy to see a black person on TV that it doesn’t matter how degrading or senseless it is. We have reverted all the way back to the days of stepin fetchit This is not progress and all reality tv is disgusting to me. If we don’t respect and celebrate our heroes how can we ask anyone else to?

  2. on said:

    A closet comedienne myself, I loved it! I’ve been watching SNL for over 30 years and never really thought about the fact that they’ve never had a black female cast member. This is sad. I will write to the network and Lorne Michaels about this because 30 years is way too long not to have us represented on the show. That skit with Keri Washington having to play all the black female characters definitely started something. Kudos to Nefatari and I would love to see you and the elitiedelataforce3 on national television some day soon!

  3. Coonery at its finest! They crammed every stereotype they could in each clip which is not funny but displays a lack of self respect. Bill Cosby revolutionized comedy by being a master story teller not exploiting himself and his entire race. This garbage is no better than Russell Simmons Harriet Tubman sex tape.

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