Kanye West is a firm believer in pushing boundaries and setting trends instead of following them, however his recent fashion decisions beg to be questioned. West debut a T-Shirt line at his “Yeezus” concert that prominently featured the Confederate Flag in the design. As if that wasn’t the slave calling the slave Black, he donned the offensive symbol to Barneys. Double whammy. Barneys has found itself in the center of the “shopping while Black” controversy after a young Black male college student was arrested for purchasing a $350 belt, the arresting officer felt he couldn’t afford.

Ye’s “n**gga” from Paris, Jay-Z faced pressure from the Black community to drop his contract with the luxury retailers after the incident, but refused to make a hasty business decision in the matter without having all of the facts. (As if many more were needed.) Jay recently released a new cologne “Gold” with the department store officially cementing our observations that he is completely disconnected from his younger self who once sold drugs in Marcy Projects and longed for expensive material items.

But Jay and ‘Ye aren’t the only celebs who ignored the Barneys boycott, comedian Kevin Hart went on a recent shopping spree, cradling their signature black bags as he tipped the valet for fetching his overly expensive ride.

So I guess it’s no surprise that Kanye gave the ultimate middle finger to the Black community by shopping at Barneys dressed in the massa’s uniform. Slowly, I am losing respect for these rappers who clearly don’t care what message they send to their fans. It’s a shame, but I’ve come to terms with it, they just don’t give a f**k anymore…they’ve made their money.

Does Kanye’s Confederate jacket and trip to Barneys offend you? Let us know…

6 thoughts on “Kanye West Gives Middle Finger To Black Community: Wears Confederate Flag To Barneys

  1. Kanye has a chance which he and his mother have talked about before, to really make a difference in this world. Her passing should not mean for him to get side tracked with that, but instead to follow through with those plans.

  2. I’ve heard Kanye West try to reason why wearing clothing with the confederate flag is acceptable. He can say all that he wants but the truth is, he just wants attention. You wouldn’t see a Jewish person wearing clothing with a swastika on it no matter what reason they gave in their defense. They know better. Kanye is just an attention whore. But this doesn’t surprise me. He’s the same one with a song with Jay Z called “N- in Paris”. They are all about making money at the expense of our black youth.

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