Media powerhouse Oprah Winfrey has been implicated by a judge who claims she participated in her father’s scheme to screw her step mom out of profits for the sale of their barber shop, TMZ reports.

In divorce documents–acquired by TMZ–Vernon and Barbara Winfrey filed conflicting petitions for divorce, but the judge granted hers and rejected his. The ruling followed accusations that Vernon was an adulterer and engaged in “inappropriate marital conduct.”

TMZ reports that Vernon put the barbershop into foreclosure. This decision normally results in zero dollars for the owner.  But according to the judge, Vernon knew his billionaire offspring would purchase the barbershop out of foreclosure and give him the title, forcing Barbara out of the picture.

Like clockwork, that’s exactly what happened.

Sources say when the barbershop went into foreclosure, Oprah’s trust purchased it and deeded it to O’s dad and his business partner, leaving her step mom empty-handed.

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