Season six of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” premiered Sunday night full of weddings, engagements, divorces, “Mr. President” and questions regarding the sexuality of a certain ex-NFL quarterback.

Here’s a recap of the episode:

Former Miss USA Kenya Moore is pissed that NeNe Leakes had invited Moore’s ex-boyfriend, Walter, to her wedding.

“I can’t tell whether [NeNe’s] being shady or not,” said Moore, 42. “Honey, I am Kenya Moore, and you will not dismiss me.”

“Surely, you are not homeless,” Leakes, 45, said about Moore, referencing her public eviction from her home after her landlord claimed the actress and fitness guru couldn’t pay her bills. “Gone with the Wind fabulous is clearly gone.”

Kandi Burruss and her fiancé Todd Tucker are sick of rumors that she is his sugar mama. “I wrote ‘No Scrubs,’” the Grammy winner, 37, laughed. “Hello!”

Cynthia Bailey moved her modeling agency to a larger space, a warehouse owned by her husband, and now landlord, Peter Thomas.

“Two-thirds of my household is invested in [this space],” Bailey, 46, admitted.

Phaedra Parks continued to juggle careers as a lawyer, mortician, booty workout DVD empress as well as new mother. She and her husband, Apollo, welcomed a second son, Dylan, who she calls “Mr. President,” and moved into a new home in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, which Parks referred to as “the 90210 of the South.”

“Well, he is just as pale as Michael Jackson right now,” Parks, 40, said when her newborn son was presented to her at the hospital in May.

And then there was the drama surrounding Porsha Stewart, who last season learned of her divorce from Kordell Stewart on Twitter.

“He had no reason to divorce me,” Stewart, 31, said after the deposition with her husband, going on to strongly imply that Kordell’s sexuality may have been the issue behind their split. “I asked him about the rumors of him being gay … he explained it away. I didn’t question whether he was gay or not because someone else said it. Any reason I questioned it were things I had experienced or seen.”

A preview of the upcoming season showed that Sunday’s premiere was just the tip of the iceberg. Stewart will begin dating again (and is apparently down with the swirl), NeNe returns to normal life (and grocery shopping) following the cancellation of her sitcom, “The New Normal,” Cynthia battles financial issues as her husband’s bar goes into foreclosure, and Kandi deals with her mother’s disapproval of Tucker and rumors of his infidelity.

Season 6 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

One thought on “‘RHOA’: Porsha Says She Questioned Kordell’s Sexuality

  1. OK, I got a question for the LADIES!!
    If you were in love with, dating or going to marry a guy, wouldn’t you be able to tell at some point if he was gay or could THAT be hidden/covered up so good that you don’t know? If you did have some questions or seem to think it COULD be true and you don’t get the answers you need to put it to rest (give you true peace about it) would you STILL marry the guy?
    I’m sure all of this stuff Porcha is saying has a lot to do with the show and saying stuff to get ratings AND tear down Kordell. If she STILL married him after having reservations about his sexuality then SHE DA FOOL!!!! Don’t cry now. WHy do people see bad things, know bad things or experience bad things in the relationship (Evelyn Lozado) and STILL get married???

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