When it comes to strong Black women on reality television, Omarosa is the triple OG. She has made a career out of being on television and speaking her mind for more than ten years. Recently, Omarosa lived up to her strong opinionated woman persona and went off on Bethenny Frankel.

Omarosa was a guest on Bethenny’s talk show and if you’re a reality show junkie, you know these women aren’t the slightest bit of friends. However, business is business. So Bethenny had Omarosa on the show to talk about her ministry and other various topics. Somehow, the pair wound up talking about white privilege. When explaining white privilege, Omarosa made a biting comment, “White privilege allows you to be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.”

Naturally, the predominantly white audience boed Omarosa to high hell, but Bethenny tried to let the comment slide and continue on with the debate. Lady O wasn’t having it and kept cutting Bethenny off, which led Bethenny to snap, “You are cutting me off on my own show!”

Watch the drama below. Then let us know if Omarosa was right to say what she said.

8 thoughts on “Omarosa Snaps On Bethenny Frankel About White Privilege [VIDEO]

  1. why go off on her about that if its everyday this happens…..omarosa is a hypocrite she suppose to be a pastor and children look up to her no matter what color they are.. i clearly think she is jealous of bethenny success,and who is she to hold this grudge against what she said 10yrs ago and she sit there and say she speak bible… no she dont she speak bs…..she is living off her baby daddy money he made..because what is she doing now…..nothing

  2. I agree with Omarosa. I’ve encountered lots of mediocre job performing white people; that a black person would never be given that job opportnity. Black people do have to be ten times better because unfortunately (some) people have the perception that black people aren’t up to par when it comes to certain jobs. I ‘ve personally had to deal with this. I had a manager that used to question every decision I made. One day I went into her office,, and asked if I could close the door. When the door was closed I asked why she questioned everything decision I made. I told her that she hired me, and in doing so I thought she had confidence in me. To make a long story short; after that she never questioned my decisions, and used to joke that boy she sure will set you straight. For the record I came to her with a professional attitude….not with a finger/head/eye rolling attitude, and she respected me for that

  3. Serpentine on said:

    @Veritas, If your comment was directed at me, I don’t think anything. I know, and furthermore, you can’t guarantee anything you know nothing about. Don’t hate. I don’t have to try to outperform anyone. I do my job and I do it well, and at the end of the day, my work speaks for itself. Otherwise, I would be in the unemployment line, maybe like you. Let me enlighten you, everyone doesn’t have a doom and gloom job as some of you may think. I live a very comfortable life, I don’t keep up with the Jones’ to prove a point, and if I wanted to, it wouldn’t be a problem. I strive to better myself for me not for the anyone else. I have too much going on to play the victim role or the crybaby. I’m doing just fine. That’s my POSITIVE self-examination. Where’s yours?

  4. Veritas on said:

    You may think you outperform your coworkers, but I guarantee you are the only one who thinks so. You n1663rz are so incapable of self examination that you are oblivious to all the things you don’t know.

  5. Serpentine on said:

    My comment wasn’t about whether she was telling the truth about being mediocre or not. I don’t know about that because I get paid. I don’t like her because she sabotaged a brother.

  6. You may not like her but what she said was true! My husband lives it daily working with mediocre co-workers that still get paid! We were told we always had to be ten times better.

    • I like Bethenny, but Omarosa told the DAM truth! She defended herself about the remarks Bethenny said about her on the View. All I can say is Omarosa will stand up to your ass when you belittle her. At least she’s woman enough to stand her ground!

  7. Serpentine on said:

    If you call “sabotage and greed” a brand, then, she’s cornered the market. I’ve never liked Omarosa since she sabotaged Kwame Jackson in the finale of the Apprentice in 2004. She sabotaged that brother for her own personal goals, and that is something I just can’t get with.

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