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Pastor Dr. Michael Minor of the Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Mississippi banned fried chicken and sugary drinks from church potlucks with the hopes of promoting healthier living and combating obesity in his community.


Minor told Yahoo News the change has been a success, he explained, “You can see the difference. People are much better sized, way better. And once they get it off, they want to keep it off.”

He now has a new mission and it’s in support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as “Obamacare.”

Minor is  working to sign-up uninsured people for health benefits through the ACA. His church received a federal grant to assist people with signing up.

Over 70 people from the church have been trained to properly use the government site and they plan on rolling out the initiative in November.

Do you think more pastors should encourage their congregation to eat healthier?

7 thoughts on “Miss. Pastor Bans Fried Chicken and Sugary Drinks from Church Events

  1. Perhaps its not what we eat that’s killing us, or how we cook ( frying) our food, maybe its all the stuff we do to our food in the process of growing, manufacturing and delivering our food. If you put unnatural substance in our food( hormones in plants and meat) ends up in our bodies.

  2. I would NEVER go to a picnic that didn’t serve fried chicken, watermelon and red soda water. That would definitely be my cheat day. PS: Please don’t forget the deviled eggs.

  3. ONE PLACE where healthy eating choices can be done is the black church. What about the salt pork in the greens, sweet potatoe pies with all the butter, blah blah blah. The old school mothers, deacons, etc ain’t gonna like this!!! LOL!!

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