Bruno Mars is set to perform at the 2014 Super Bowl halftime show in February. Since B.o.B is the one who put him on the map, people are wondering if he will join him. Listen to this exclusive interview on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to find out if we will see B.o.B accompany Bruno Mars on stage!

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3 thoughts on “Has Bruno Mars Invited B.o.B To Perform At The Super Bowl? [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Constancetina Mosley on said:

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  2. Constancetina Mosley on said:

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  3. Constancetina Mosley on said:

    What would you do if someone bit you on your man thingy? Chris is tired of being pushed around! I’m 62 and I still want to kick A –! Play “At Last”by Etta James and “Baby I Love You” by Aretha Franklin! Chris learn to meditate!

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