Offensive T-shirts with tongue-in-cheek phrases surrounding rape are being petitioned on FYourT is an Etsy online shop that sells attention-grabbing, but awful T-shirts. With the motto, “T-shirts, lame but expensive,” these $12.99 shirts boast horrific phrases ranging from, “Snort Coke, Cheaper Than Lipo,” to “Killing’s More Fun To A Beat” and “Jesus Is A Chill Guy, But His Father Is A Prick.” But it’s the T-shirts with rape subject matter that’s causing a stir.

Phrases like “Rape Me Gently,” “I’m A Sensitive Guy. I Only Rape Pregnant Women” and “Old People Are Useless. You Can’t Even Rape Them.” not only go against basic human decency, but clearly violates Etsy’s terms of use, so has started a petition to get these awful shirts removed from the site. Even if these shirts are removed, we will still be left with 11 pages of offensive T-shirts that people will undoubtedly still purchase with the intention of shocking the people who see them in it.

We’re living in a terrible time of sensationalism. The youth looks to entertainment to see over-the-top displays of sexuality, often numbing them from troubling issues like the acceptance of rape in our culture. With stories like Steubenville and Maryville bubbling up, we’re faced with the terrible reality that rape is no longer a sensitive topic and that victims are starting to be blamed more than the attacker.

These T-shirts solidify our society’s desensitization to something so sinister and sickening. I am all about a cheeky T-shirt, but these are just in poor taste.

So far the petition has 1000 signatures and only needs about 300 more to have the shirts removed from Etsy. Will you sign?

Sign here!

Check Out A Few More Of FYourT’s:

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